SF4 System changes?

So, Week 5 (4/19-4/25) there will be System and Additional character changes. What do you plan on suggesting for a System Change? I think its pretty interesting that they would even dedicate time to discuss this, it makes me think they are willing to do something kind of dramatic. But knowing Capcom, not much will change. Either way we can speculate.

As for me, I would really like to see ultras not be so important. I hate the idea of rewarding players who take damage with the most powerful moves in the game. I dont think any of this is gonna happen, but either way heres a few ideas Ive been thinking:

I would like to see more ultras getting beat by meaties, which would help with wakeup ultra nonsense. I think this is the only really practical idea ill be talking about…
Ultra damage significantly decreased. So for example, if an ultra does 500 damage, it should be reduced to about 300
Supers get more damage output, closer to or exceeding that of ultras currently
Maybe, let the player choose if they want their ultra or super to be more damaging at the beginning of the match, or even let the player choose how they build ultra meter (offensively or defensively)
FADC cancels are done with ultra meter instead of super meter (theres really no way this is gonna happen…)
Damage increase on normals
all anti airs in the game are given better priority
all walk speeds to be faster
Reversal window tightened
shortcuts removed

How about you?

Wakeup Ultras are not a big deal anymore really. They occasionally work but generally speaking pressure is applied via safe jumps on a knockdown anyway so unless you’re a grappler random mashed Ultras generally aren’t going to net you too much.

The only real system change that NEEDS to happen is fixing unblockables. And perhaps doing something about DP FADC being such a powerful tool, though that’s not as important.

Actually i’d like everyone to get a faster walkspeed to make the game move a little quicker.

Right, I forgot unblockables. Thats actually the primary reason theyre making the thread. But anyway, on wakeup ultras, I agree that they arent that big of a deal, but its a matter of principle for me. I just hate the fact that it can happen when you try to pressure someone on wakeup (without vortexes or HKD). I play a character with very limited options on all knock downs, and meaties would be really good

-Faster walkspeeds across the board.
-Not gonna happen but slightly reduced screen width.
-Unblockables fixed.
-Stun is visible via a stun bar.
-Stun doesn’t auto-knockdown so if you did something like confirm into EX or Super, it won’t whiff and make you waste the meter.
-If you stun someone whatever your scaling was at that point will get a 20% bonus. So for example, if you stunned someone at 40% scaling, the next move will be at 60% and then go from there.
-Personal Actions have to complete the animations but get special bonuses.
-Can’t FADC reversal specials unless it’s EX, but can FADC something like an offensive DP.

Frame advantages, quick restart (by pressing the “select” or “back” button) and hitbox display mode added to training.

-Stun bar
-Bonus damage scaling on stunned characters
-Can’t FADC on block
-Unblockables removed
-The whole game to be a bit faster
-Personal actions giving different boosts
-Not having to pick an ultra, both are available to use in a match
-Overall damage increase (not to ultras though)
-Trials for the twins, Oni, and Evil Ryu
-CPU performs combo before you try in trial mode, so you can see what the timing is
-You can only ultra once per round.
-Ranked battle rematch button
-Bring back championship mode
-Shin versions of characters available (not in ranked)
-Stages for every character
-You can bet ranked points with other players in casino mode. (You still face each other in a match to see who wins)
-Jack of trades ranking, combining BP from all the characters.

Oh yeah, bring back Championship Mode. After a bit of intital grinding it was great for consistently findin better competition once you sufficiently ranked up.

the thing about suggestions like that is that its not really a system change… its just a game mode

Should we make a separate thread for that then? I think Championship Mode coming back is gonna be a pretty popular request all things considered.

Championship mode is a good idea in theory, but it led to problems where people could no longer find people with good connections to play with after ranking up. I see why they got rid of it.

In China I couldn’t find anyone better with 1 bar usually, whereas ranked was fine.

I can see where you’re coming from there, I just think that the game needs a new wrinkle for online play to spice things up a bit.

What I REALLY always wanted was them to drop the arcade ranking system on us though. I’m a sucker for bigger numbers.

The more I think about it the more I really like the idea of building ultra meter through offense. The game would be so much better IMO. Ex meter would build slower still. If they let people choose how to build their meter at the beginning of a match that would be a good idea I think

Pretty sure I brought this very discussion up a few weeks ago, but that was before the patch was announced. Anyways:

Improved Training mode options:
Increased recording time like in SFxT
"Perform As Reversal" playback option that can be specifically set to either playback a recorded action, or have the dummy perform a specific special move/normal on the earliest reversal frame.
Display Hitboxes in training mode or replays.
Display Frame Data in Training mode or replays.
“Random” option for quick rises and throw teching from the dummy.
Ability to choose a different stage than training mode.
Have the attack data show a “most stun” value similar to its damage display for combos.
Have the attack data show “meter gained” from a combo

System changes:
Overall reduction on knockdown time to bring it closer to ST/3S/Alpha3 timing so that the game is less knockdown setup dependent.
Remove white health regenerating during canned animations. For example: if I focus dash through a fireball and perform a throw during the throw my white health regeneration should stop and then when the throw is over it returns. White health regenerating during throws and ultras would be fine… if everyone had the same duration on their ultras/throws. But for example, Seth’s SPD animation lasts far longer than Zangiefs. Blanka’s bite throw takes far longer than Ryu’s shoulder throw.
Trade into combo. I doubt this will go away as it would be difficult to fix but it’s something I’d like to see gone, if you and your opponent trade a blow it shouldn’t be possible to continue to combo.
Remove unblockables

-If you dizzy somebody, the game will let you finish your combo, you can then do another combo as normal
-shaking a dizzy made easier, as it is right now the only reason to ever even try to shake a dizzy is if something weird happened, ie you got dizzied in a trade that launched your opponent across the screen. Basically 3S had it right
-reduce ultra meter gain from taking damage
-increase ultra meter gain from focus armor
-reduce occurrence of autocorrect
-entirely remove occurrence of autocorrect dash
-(for PC version) allow me to map more than one button to one feature, ie two jabs
-hitboxes in training mode
-overhaul of online play, including new netcode. Ranking system should be changed as to actually show an effective rank and ranked play should be done best of 3 matches.
-remove unblockables, duh

Also an online training mode would be nice but is not at all necessary, it would just be a difficult to add perk at this point.

Non fighting system changes I would like:

Rematch option for endless lobbies with only 2 players
If only two people are playing, give us a rematch option like in offline mode. If one player wants to switch characters, they can choose to go back to the character select screen

Restart option from the pause menu
During an offline match, there should be a “Restart” option available from the Pause menu. Currently the only way to restart a match is to finish the current one or to go back to the char select screen

Button config on char select screen for offline play
There should be an option to change your controls from the character select screen instead of having to go into a match, change it, and then restart.

Offline replays

Increase battle log to 150 replays

Option to hide player names from replays (either P1/P2 or both)
On Xbox the names appear as PLAYER1/PLAYER2 if you watch replays offline. I’d prefer an option to remove them completely.

Select BGM (P1/P2/Stage/Random) by pressing back/select at stage select
When selecting a stage, you should be able to specify whether you want stage music, player 1/2 character BGM, or random (any one of the three).

Random character select doesn’t seem very random
It is very possibly broken because of the problems detailed here:

Option to eliminate certain stages from Random Stage select
Random stage select is cool, but there are some stages I just don’t ever want to see offline (Volcanic Rim, Training Mode). Add this under the options menu.

Fix Gouken and Akuma’s BGMs
They have their own BGMs, so let us hear them during matches.

Option to set health in training mode: Regular/Infinite/Zero/Fixed amount
This is for testing combo damage without life scaling. Currently you have to wait for the dummy’s health to regenerate to do this

Option to set dummy to not block on wake up even though autoguard is on
Sometimes you want to test jump-in combos, but this is not currently possibly with autoguard because they will always block the first attack soon after wakeup

Dummy wakeup option: Special, normal, throw, (high/low) block, jump, backdash, custom, random
This will make it MUCH easier to test safe jumps and option selects. To make it even simpler, just let us choose which option we want the dummy to perform on wakeup.

Option to switch P1 and P2 chars (and Ultras) in training mode without going to char select screen

Extend dummy recording time (I think SFxT is unlimited?)
This is a must-have. Sometimes you want to test post Ultra setups but the Ultras take so long that you don’t have enough time to record full setups.

Online training mode

Ability to switch training stage

Ability to pick old versions of chars like in HSFII AE
Yes, we want to know if Vanilla Sagat is stronger than AE Yun. However, give us an option to disable old characters in online lobbies

Lower the amount of time allowed to select character/stage online
It really doesn’t need to be that long.

Allow a player to “opt-out” of their next turn online
Useful for when a host creates but doesn’t want to participate (eg. SRKLive, PJS). Add an option so that X missed turns = kick, unless you’re the host to prevent people from clogging up endless lobbies.

X-platform online play?
Pretty please?

More stages
Specifically, Sagat’s SFII stage, Cammy’s ST stage. In fact all the SFII stages plzkthnx.

Also like the idea of meter gain display in training mode, and of course hit-boxes.

Just remembered I’d also like a battle diagram that shows you how well you perform against the rest of the cast. Arcade Vanilla had this feature in the setup menu IIRC.

#1 is not possible due to how the game engine works. Everything is loaded into the engine at the start. That is why you are able to modify the bcm files for a character with onotool but you have to go back to character select for it to load the changes.

#2 SFxT isn’t unlimited but I think it is ~200 seconds or something. It does end I remember that from my own curious testing.

#3 That would be a fun alt game mode but should be completely excluded from Ranked play. It should be a whole new game mode. That said, Vanilla characters likely would be impossible due to the difference in game engine changes. But Super - Present version would be possible. Though unless they created new entries for each version then the character health would remain the most current version. Even if you go into trial mode the health values for characters uses the most recent version of the game though everything else is still from super.

#4 Not gonna happen. Microsoft has abandoned GFWL - XBLA crossplatform play. Plus it would be expensive to implement at this juncture and I believe it would require a gold account for GFWL users which most GFWL users wouldn’t be willing to do.

[quote=“Eternal, post:17, topic:159925”]

Number 1 is possible already. You can already hack the PC version to make both Ultras available at once. The only way to tell is that the game displays some garbage string in place of the Ultra name on the versus screen. Switching characters is easy as well.

Don’t really care about ranked play (they can disable it online completely for all I care), but it would be easy to implement Vanilla to AE2013 chars in the same game, even if it does require EXE changes. Hitbox display is available in the debug version so in order to add that they’ve have to ship a different EXE as well so I don’t see it as an issue.

Even if we can get PC vs PS3 it would be cool. There’s an interview out there with a dev that says X-Platform play is easy and is in fact a part of their testing to ensure that the game’s netcode behaves the same across platforms. I know at the end of the day it’s not up to Capcom, but it would still be a great addition.

The game already has offline replays, and yes the game should have the option to skip your turn in endless. Really the online needs a significant overhaul.

The game doesn’t record and log the matches you had offline in the replay section like it does online. It only lets you watch replays of matches you had online while you are offline.
We want the former in addition to what it already does.