SF4 takes more skill and execution to play than VF5R according VF best player

Quote from Inteview with Fuudo(Japanese top VF player)

Tetra: What do you think of SF4 gameplay as compared to VF5?
Fuudo: SF4 and VF5 requires different mindset to play. It is important to understand and make use of all the set ups for SF4. Also SF4 requires alot of techniques to play effectively. Whereas VF requires alot of yomi and how you can find other players bad habits.
Tetra: For example, Itazan doesnt have high level of techniques and execution. He usually input 1 throw break but he excel as a top player for VF5 due to his high level of yomi.
Fuudo: Yap.

yomi=mind game

So VF is all about the mind game.

Isn’t it all about option selects? I believe so…

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You could at least link the article.

Anyway, all fuudo is saying that a different skillset is necessary for the two.

IIRC they added the 0 frame grabs in VF5 because they wanted to eliminate all those option selects.

Fuudo: “So there’s this one high level player who only inputs 1 throw break”
This makes me sad as I always sucked at inputting multiple throw breaks in VF. Too bad to hear it’s still necessary at high level of play.

More skill and execution needed != SF4 is a good game.