SF4 TE Arcade stick Replacement joystick options!?!?


This may have been discussed already so excuse me if this is a redundant question. I just purchased a Street Fighter Tournament Edition Arcade Stick by Madcatz. I am unhappy with the joystick part as I find this to loose for me. I have read that you can replace this part but I need help with my options and where to turn for purchase. What I desire for the joystick is something with more resistance. A joystick that bounces back quicker then the standard one provided. And if possible I would like a bat shape instead of the ball. Any help or advice into this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Use the search…




You could add a stiffer spring from Home Depot and just buy a batop


I would suggest an LS-32 with Sanwa bat top and adapter. Should suit you


the Seimitsu LS-32 is superior tech


That’s opinion…

I didn’t feel much difference between the stock JLF and stock LS-32. The main difference is that in the US there’s more support for the Sanwa because of the fact that it’s standard equipment for the HRAP and TE sticks.

It would definitely be cheaper just to double up on springs or put in a stiffer spring as was said already. The springs don’t get stiffer than what’s sold at Home Depot for sure! I liked doubling up on the JLF-SP’s better, myself.

Bat tops readily fit JLF’s with an adapter screw. Lizard Lick, Akihabarashop, and Modchipman sell those for sure.

A $7-$10 mod is definitely preferable to spending $40 plus shipping on a new stick that isn’t necessary…


Hmm, a LS32 is not good for you? Try taking a look at LS-33 or LS-56. They might be good to use.


Thanks for the advice. I am a little more hopeful now. I was quite disappointed to blow $200 and still not have what I wanted. I think I will try the spring approach first as it seems the quickest and cheapest. My next question now though is this. How do you change the spring? Is there any pics that could help me on my quest? Thanks again.


You’re not going to like this answer, but in my honest opinion, accept that you’re not a unique snowflake. What I mean by that is, learn to use the stock stick. The stock stick works just fine. It’s an arcade standard for good reason. At least give it a couple weeks before ghettoizing it with home depot springs.


Practicing is the key. Rome wasn’t built in a day. :smiley:


i also cant say im 100% satisfied with my TE, but my problem is different…

compared to ps3 controller it seems theres some delay with stick movement…

for example when i tap the stick UP, the character should jump instantly when the stick hits the spring right? i have about half or 1/4 sec delay, so when you tap it quickly, theres even time for the stick to come back to his start pos. before character jumps//

some said it could be a tv problem, but very unlikely…im running it on sony lcd hdmi 720p input quality cable

do you also have the same issue?


Read the HDTV Lag thread in the stickies. It doesn’t matter if your HDTV is this badass or whatever, it sounds like you’re dealing with post-processing lag because of your TV.

Look through the thread, then blame it on something else.


prscustom, i had the same problem with the “lag” coming from the stick and for me it was because in Button Config the controller type was set to “controller” instead of “joystick.” Hopefully that will solve the lag your experiencing.


Controller Type-A, Type-B, Type-C.
Arcade Stick Type-A, Type-B, Type-C.

Those are just preset Button Assignments.
I does not matter if on Controller or Arcade Stick.


The controller type and button layout are separate. Try zoning or dashing with your joystick when the controller type is set to “controller” instead of “arcade stick”; the button layout doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure you’ll notice a delay when you compare it to when it’s set to “arcade stick”. I noticed this when using the HRAP3 and found I had trouble dashing or zoning (for some reason the HRAP3 doesn’t automatically change the controller type to “arcade stick” like the Fightstick does).


Home Depot Spring Thread & [media=youtube]L67fUfH3S5o"[/media] should get you on your way. Good Luck!


akwa, after testing out, trying to get results of what you say, I cannot get.
I am not getting any noticeable difference in input delay.

Watching the Evolution 2009 Stream, I even see people do Button Configuration set on Controller for their Arcade Stick.

So if what you say is true, then why not many people know about it?
And why would people do their Buttons without care of setting being on “Controller” or “Arcade Stick” in such a big Tournament where any small lag be bad?


on a similiar note to arcade stick vs controller placebo effect, is there any difference between setting the TE to represent either the left analog stick or the D-pad? The first day I got the stick, I tried both and I thought I detected a difference in how far left or right of center i had to move the stick before it would recognize that as a input. I considered making a stupid thread, but I decided to sleep on it and when I tried it again the next day I couldn’t tell the difference.

In other words, did anybody else notice a difference between setting the stick as an analog stick vs Dpad, or was I just imagining it? At the moment I’m convinced I imagined it, but maybe someone knows better? It shouldn’t matter because the stick itself is a digital input, either on or off, not analog… right?