SF4 TE Fightstick for $119 Sale




the sale is only for 54 hours left.

Sweet! Isn’t the PS3 version wireless?

no. theyre all corded

no its not the wire has a storage department

Good find yo…

Haven’t they been that price for like a while now?

As of last week they were 129.99 at Newegg, which is when I ordered mine. Not a huge difference, but ten bucks can certainly be funneled into something useful to add, like one of Art’s plexi covers.

If the stick was wireless then you couldn’t use the Tournament Edition Stick at a Tournament since they ban wireless for syncing cross console issues.

Something making me consider getting it is actually not this Newegg deal, but Amazon.

$129, yes. HOWEVER!!! if you sign up for the The Entertainment Consumers Association (which is usually $20 a year, but if I’m right you can still get a year free if you use the coupon code GIMAG, that’s what I did, but it was a bit ago), you can get coupons for like 10% off of video game related goods from Amazon.

That brings our $130 TE Stick down to like $104 with free shipping.