Sf4 TE fightstick screw driver

Trying to figure out what type of screwdriver opens up those tiny screws on the face of a TE stick.
Would appreciate a pic of the screwdriver and a place maybe online i could order it.

Allen wrench is what you need.

Allen Wrench, you can find them at walmart. It looks a swiss army knife with all different sizes and it has the perfect one for the TE stick.

Edit: I want to say its size three but don’t quote me on it. I can’t remember my bro has it right now.

I want to say Size 3 also, but I did not.
Because size is not same everywhere.

ShinJN mention in video to use Allen wrench Size 3.

Make sure the Allen key is metric

Best to get a set of these that open like a Swiss Army knife or has a barrel with flip up keys – you’ll likely end up with several joysticks that have different size cap screws/lug nuts. Home Depot sells both metric and English unit Allen key sets. Again, you want to use metric Allen keys for the joystick faceplatess!

MadCatz uses size 3 metric for the TE face screws and Hori uses size 4 for the HRAP SA/SE/Arcana Heart 2 faceplate screws.

Size 2.5 metric cap sockets are big enough to secure the faceplate or plexiglass/faceplate to the joystick base, though.

I used an allen wrench and the size listed I used was listed as T-15 hope that helps.