SF4 TE/SE/Hori Templates (laminated, sticky, LASER CUT, SHIPPED)

Due to popular demand ive decided to make a post about a small service im offering.

Many people have little or no access to Kinkos or any half decent print shop for that matter. Some dont like the idea of cutting the template outer edge and holes with an exacto (yes it gets sloppy)

so what I offer is this:

Pre cut Laminated w/adhesive templates for any stick.

I do all the cutting of the outer edge and holes/turbo area by laser.

You can see my work is perfect and looks 100% OEM.

Costs you ask? well it differs from stick to stick but lets say $20 Canadian give or take.

What do you get?
[]Your graphic printed on high quality paper
]Laser cut outer edge and holes/turbo
[*]Shipping INCLUDED pretty much anywhere in the world!


all you have to do is send me the template and its shipped within a day or two, i make 3 runs per week to kinkos.

Can i see your work you ask???

of course, here are the pics!
Full list of pics: http://s287.photobucket.com/albums/ll123/djbordie/

the laser:

I currently have over stock on a few items and will be charging less for the following:[LIST]
[]Akuma/Ryu/Ken SE
]Guile Sonic Boom SE
[]Chick with sniper rifle TE
]Ryu vs Ken SE
[*]Red and Blue RYU SE
PICS of whats in stock (prices cheaper cause kinkos made extras)
Also the Modified ken/ryu/Akuma has my gamertag on it lol, so thats only $10 to your door

*** I am not making money off other peoples work, i am simply offering the Kinko’s run for lamination/adhesive because not many people have access to these facilities, and my services for perfect quality laser cutting of the templates, its lick and stick for you people!*******

***so my background here is that im an engraver and have a few lasers that are helpful for cutting paper…on a side note i cut alot of acrylic. So imagine perfectly cut, acrylic for your Hori/TE. I am working on a project now for Loglikbomb. Will post pics when done. Basically the laser cuts acrylic so nicely, it polishes the edges while cutting (unlike a saw blade which makes the edges white and nasty)

are any of your overstocks for an HRAP2SA?

none sorry, only TE/SE

i can do HRAP though of course

Great service but i dont think you’re allowed to do this…

09 members can’t make threads like these for awhile, great looking service though

You’re gonna have to have a non-09 member make this thread for you. Reference: arthong’s service with the thread by Imitrex.

it is very clearly posted in the trading rules sticky

OUCH, sorry guys… i just had a billion PM’s figured it would be best to put the info in a proper thread…really they cant? thats not typical forum protocol but fair enough.

I have done about 20 orders, so at least you know im not going to screw anyone.

Sorry mods, feel free to delete if you must, how bout i donate or something?

How would this be a solution?? It’s just be a run-around from the rules.:shake:

But isn’t that just the American way?

Touch :nunchuck:

Yes, but art’s service is the only one I’ve seen thus far. I don’t exactly agree with it myself since I’d like to sell a stick or two, but the mods have allowed it. Art has done some great work and it’s a service almost every HRAPEX and TE owner would like, so… whatever.

Ooh, I like this laser stuff.
Would I be able to send to you a MameMarquees Control Panel and have you laser-cut it?

This is great work. Rules is rules kid. Trust me, I’ve been pinched more than a few times by the mods. They will find you. They are agreeable human beings however, maybe you can work something out. Good luck. I just might need you for something really soon…

This is good shit. Pictures with his laser and work? I think this is where we let this slide the, ‘american way’

I’ve recieved 3 orders from him so far. He does amazing work! I will most def do business with him again.

Great work yo hear that alot I see But serious;y So for $20 I and the shipping of my metal plate to you, you put the art I ask for on it and send it back on your dime or mine?

yes this is do-able

stupid trading rules supressing capitalism from new members with fresh ideas - wtg srk. Are we in Obama world? Ok i won’t go there.

pm sent