SF4 TE Stick doesn't register certain diagonals


I have an old SF4 TE Stick, square gate. I’ve had it for about three-four years now, only really been using it for the last year extensively. After beating it up with jumpy anime fighters recently, my top-left and bottom-left corners on the square gate register as up and down respectively, and I can only hit those inputs by going between left and each corner. Very annoying, especially for instant air dashes.

I have it on DP, of course. LS doesn’t even work anymore. The joystick feels a little loose at the base, as even a little pressure can move the entire base (though it does recenter). I get that my stick is on the older side, but the buttons still feel great and this problem is quite recent. Any help?


You can just replace the entire joystick itself.


Will this do for the old SF4 TE stick?

Also, is this the only option? Does it sound like my joystick is screwed, or can there be something done by opening it and correcting it?


I mean, the issue with the up-left and bottom-left corner inputs is most likely just with the microswitches itself. In which case, you’d buy something like this:

However, the issues that you’re describing with moving the entire base of the joystick sounds like there’s some mechanical wear-and-tear. Although you’ll have to be more specific when you say that the ‘base’ feels loose. If you just mean that the stick moves easier than it used to, and there’s no grinding or slop, your spring is probably just starting to get worn out. In which case, you can simply change the spring out for a new one or a stiffer one.

Since it’s hard to diagnose your joystick from a distance, replacing the whole thing will usually fix ALL your problems.


I went for the whole joystick. It’s been feeling off lately anyway, at worst I’m spending a few extra bucks needlessly, at best I’m gonna have a much more precise stick. Thanks!