SF4 TE stick not turning on, help!

I just bought my TE stick and plugged in for the first time, but it just flashed the xbox button once (by flash i mean the circle around the button) and then didn’t turn on. Can anyone help with this?

Check that the end part of the cable is connected properly (the breakaway part).

If already checked, then return it to wherever you got it from for a refund or replacement. It should not have been sold to you in that condition, even if all it requires is a new USB cable.

Actually its fixed now, somehow…

I read somewhere else on the forum that his worked on his PC but not on his xbox, and his stick was behaving the same way as mine so decided to plug it into my laptop to see what happens. Nothing happened but when I plugged it back into my xbox it worked! Talk about random…Regardless, thanks for your advice!

Ok nevermind the problem came back…

you’re lucky that your pcb isn’t fried like is usually the case.

i guess the pcb IS fried…not much you can do about that…

You should definitely return

Hey I live in toronto too, do you know any place i can go to get it fixed?

If its the PCB, could always throw a PS360 in there.