SF4 TE stick on EBAY wtf?!

How many people in here bought a TE off of ebay for a gazillion amount of $$$???

I mean let’s get serious now… that shit aint worth $300 wtf are these ebay sellers thinking?

Im just wondering who got jipped thats all… (most people who probably did prob wont admit it)

uhh if you really need a stick how isn’t the best stick on the market worth 300?

for 300 u could get a custom… I personally think the TE stick is meh…

you can get a custom right now? who’s taking orders for a comparable stick to the TE that can get it to you in the time an ebay seller could?

I wouldn’t pay $300 for the TE, hmm, maybe $150…yea that sounds about right :smiley:

I have been wanting a custom, but Finkle hasn’t emailed me back and everyone else is also booked. No Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 available anywhere either. I don’t pay over retail price and anything under retail is a bargin.

id rather wait a tad bit longer and get a custom which will be worth more in the long run. Rather then pay way too much for a stick that everyone and their mother has.

Sorry but you’d have to be retarded to spend $300 USD on a stick with an MSRP of $150 USD.


Uh, good luck finding a TE for $150.

But that’s not my point. People will pay what they will pay. We understand, you think supply and demand is outrageous.


By that logic, homeless people should pay $700 for Big Macs!

wait my friend… all this hype is going to die down and the TE will be available.

Jus as RsistncE said, youre pretty much getting bent over if u pay 300 for a TE right now


I’m not saying YOU should pay for it. I’m saying supply is low, and demand is high.

Personally, I don’t even have a TE. But if you think you have an immediate and unquenchable need for a stick, you’re going to overpay for one right now anyway. Might as well overpay for the best stick, right?

to each his own

I wonder if the supply/demand will be the same once the next shipment of Madcatz sticks are made available.


If you want a TE right fucking now, you’re right… you have no choice but to overpay on eBay or somehow steal one. But that’s not what you were saying at all earlier in this thread:

Well, you’re really fucking stupid. First, it’s subjective whether or not the TE is the “best stick”. Second, you’re not talking about supply and demand. You’re saying a personal desire for a certain item justifies an over-purchase. Get it right.

You have a point there buddy, but that’s a lot of money to buy time over quality. In this economy, I don’t care how rich you are. That’s a lot of sling over a retail product.

But technically, you’re buying time as you say. If your time is worth that money, fuckit, why not I guess right? :lol:

yeah just wait they will be available soon. I think the stick is definitely worth $150 plus tax but no more

Considering you admitted to this being “subjective” calling him stupid is rather crass on your part don’t you think? Not to mention, bottom line… this is a free world.

What one does with the currency in his pocket is his own decision. The personal desire for a certain item DOES justify an over-purchase, because your use of the word “over” applies only if you understand the threshold of the buyer. Which you don’t.

Well, I never said that personal desire DOESN’T justify an over-purchase… my point was he was using 2 different arguing points and wasn’t making sense.