SF4 TE stick turning off?

So my SF4 TE stick started some strange behavior.

When I plug it into my 360, the green lights flash for 1 brief moment on the guide button, and then turn off. Off, and the console doesn’t recognize it and I can’t play with it.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Check the connection in the middle of the cord? That connection sometimes got pretty loose without noticed.

Had the same issue.

I sent it to MadCatz for warranty support, where they replaced the PCB. I still had issues with it after I received it, but as of a few weeks ago, they just magically disappeared. One weird thing is that the stick would start working again if I let it sit for a few hours. If I powered off the console then turned it back on, the stick would be dead again (until a few hours later). Everyone kept saying it was the breakaway cable, but I was 100% it was connected fine.

Thanks for the responses. I don’t have my receipt :(, were you able to get support without one?

Check your breakaway cable if its plugged together tight

I have a similar issue, where the TE will randomly disconnect then reconnect immediately. I even tried the breakaway portion of the USB cable from one of the rock band guitars – still having the same issue. Try another break away if you have one?

Hmm i had the same issue with my guitar hero 2 controller. The wiring is loose, I had to duct tape it to the body so it wouldn’t disconnect…