SF4 TE stick worth getting?


Just wanted some opinions about this from people who have experience with sticks. Is this worth getting?.. seeing as its madcatz and all…worth the price?


You find all the answer here. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=162653

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It’s worth getting if you are going to play a lot.


Just like everything (for the most part), you get more quality with more money.


yes it is worth the price. /close

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lol wut? I try’d my hardest not too. :angel:


currently these are the only madcatz products i would ever consider buying. i have to admit the controller looks well designed for a fighting game. but its still madcatz, and knowing how cheap/crappy their products are, i think ill stick with my hori’s and just build a custom one when i need a good quality one


is it wireless? and if so…is there input lag?


See, this is what I am thinking. MC trackrecord sucks.


I am still reserving both, buying one, and since I work at GS, I will save the other stick until I can afford it. lol

I’m just a whore like that.:looney:


The joysticks are wired.


I just purchased this from NCIX for 144.99 CAD !!!


if your a tourney player yes. for home play get a Hori EX 2 for $50 at toys r us or online


For $108 shipped I would get the TE regardless.


if your not layed off or live at home with mom and dad then yea i would to


Oh lucky me that neither apply to me…


wasnt being a dick im just saying usually people are asking casue money may be tight. i feel in my opinion that the horis ex2 is just as good for less


This stick is top notch, why the hell would the best players in the world at Evo be using one if it were crap. The design is nice and the quality is solid.


worth its weight in gold…in fact i got two plus a SE


As far as MC products go, this is top notch. Most people now, people like the ones that posted here so far, dont seem to realize how horrible past MC peripherals are. They are notorious for falling apart or just not working after owning them for a day or two. That isnt the case with this stick.

It works great I suppose, I dont like it as I dont care for jap parts. But its solid, it doesnt feel like a cheap plastic toy. Its nice looking just the way it comes, but since its easy to mod the thing you can make it look even better. It is worth the money if you intend to use it a lot. Its worth it if you dont I guess. There is no shortage of suckers who will pay double what you pay for it to take it off your hands.

With that said, I would just like to say that you didnt even need to make this thread. If you would have taken a second to look you would have noticed a thread dedicated to everything MC SFIV fightsticks. Dont be a douch, do the right thing. Look before you post.


… people, this thread is 8 months old.

I think he’s got all the info he’s going to need by now.