SF4 TE Sticks

Hey everyone,

I was at ComicCon a couple weeks ago and picked up one of the TE sticks they were selling there. It’s the ComicCon exclusive ones with the number ont he back.

It’s still unopened and is one of 250 in the world. I’ve been looking to unload it though (plans to buy a PS3 scuffled), any interest out there?

Here’s what it is:


And for pictures etc you can see:

Let me know!!!

I hope you have your anti flame suit on.

30 dollars shipped. they obviously lied about the numbers since they had prototypes at evo and it doesnt have the arrow dustwasher.

nobody wants it for those reasons!!!

at least this thread didnt ask the differences between se and te.

*shrugs haha…i was told to give this place a try

Oh man. No selling unless you have at least 50 posts and have been an SRK member for at least 6 months. Sorry dude but your thread will be shut down very soon and you may get an infraction. Good news is that I’ll give you $80 for it cuz I want a matching set, LMAO.

OOPS…my bad, i had no idea. that’s fine then…haha thanks for teh heads up

Mis-read this post.