SF4 Team Battles Battlegrounds

Thread for challenging , tournaments and etc.

I will just copy paste all registered teams
If you want a special colour just pm me . I will try to update daily, or get my brother to do it.
It is also sometimes best to pm leaders for matches. Post wins using the format in the “SF4 SRK TEAM BATTLE THREAD”

we have more than enough people to start posting teams below

*Team Name: ???
Team Members: Gladstone, Kros, DethPike, Rsnake91
Team Members XBL Tags: Gladstone, PK Kros, GreaterDethPike, Rsnake91



]Team Name: T.K.O
Team Members: Nightkid09, Dpendleton, lazboy323, MrSNK
Team Members XBL Tags:xNightravenx09, Dpendleton04, nastynateBOO , Mr SNK**

Team Name: GoC
Team Members: Alex_C
Team Members GoC MoDInside, GoC Broster. GoC PKK, GoC Capzone R1


Team Name: Bad For Buisness
Team Members: FriskyWalrus
Lord Raziel
Sp0ngeb0b5 (yet to register)
THORS WRATH2 (yet to register)
EggWoNg (yet to register)
SMKA Respect

Team Members XBL Tags: FriskyWalrus
SMKA Respect
Add to FriskyWalrus’s Reputation Reply With Quote**

*Team Name:Tech support
Team Members:Max_85, The red Strawberry, luiz
Team Members XBL tags: Adam 1995F, DonoisMclovin,Luizomania

**Team Name: NinjaPower
Team Members:

Team Members XBL Tags:

Team name: Nemesis of You

Team members:
Bogard88(not registered)
Bdk howard(not registered)

Team members XBL Tags:
misguided fear
Bdk howard

Open Challenge For Thursday

Date : 9 - 9 -09
Team : T.K.O
Players : 2-4 ( not confirmed yet)
Match Format : 2 sets of best of 5

Open to Any complete teams

post here if intrested

Bad For Buisness will take you up on that battle. and i forgot to mention, SMKA Respect said he registered on SRK with his gamertag

how do i join this shit?


post that your a free agent looking for a team or start one there are others looking for teams

Well how many people your fighting with i only have two confirmed for right now

I see that I have been left out lol.

your call sir. usually most of BFB doesnt have anything to do during the weekend

September 9th? 09?

Or do you mean the 12 of March? =p

you know what thanks for catching that i meant this thursday the 12 th

ok so are we still doing this Bad For Business ?

I im for my squad but ill have to use a different gamertag ( mine went silver yesterday)

and lazyboy

I’m down for today. Team TKO

Kidd just hit me up with your new gamer tag.

ok for my squad

we got

An I

were is BFB ?

well it’ll be me and Zansatsu. just let me know a time

EDIT: alright since it changed to a 3v3, it’ll be me, zansatsu and Eggwong

well we could start now im ready ? not sure about lazy or SNK

I’ll jump on right now. Just send me an invite to a group.

ok im gold again

ok MrSNK can you hold down the fort for me ill take last match have to help my mother move some furniture ?

Sure lets get this shin dig started.

well eggwong isnt on and neither is zansatsu. i can try to get zansatsu on for it though

Walrus send me a FR preasE?! And that goes for other folks as well. I got a 5 letter name :smiley:

Starting a party now.