SF4 terms in Japanese

We met a Japanese AAA SF4 player who won the local tourney and invited him to join us for our weekend sessions. Thing is, his English isn’t very good and it was hard to discuss SF stuff with him. Is there a list of Japanese terms for SF4 out there? We managed to use some VF terms since they’re all in Japanese but I’m looking for Japanese words for stuff like safe jump in, option select etc.


try to show him the setup in training mode.
I think he will understand if he is a good player aware of those techniques.

Even if someone tell you the name, perhaps he will not understand until you show him the move.

wakuperu gameu
savinga attaku

saving attack or (SA) = FA
gaado(guard) = block

abareru = when losing, do random attack that can combo into ultra, so you can comeback. Like Daigo do random srk when he has low health.

:rofl: This made me laugh

“Yomi,” the Japanese word for reading the mind of the opponent

Buppa = random super/ultra/uppercut

okizeme= doing shit on a opponents wake up

shitakaburi= hitting an opponent after a K.O.

Sagitobi= Safe jump in

I’ve asked and a lot of Japanese players can’t tell me what option select is in Japanese, so maybe you’ll have to show them. But the option select involving pressing two buttons at a same time to punish a whiff is called “Emilio technique”.

mad useful

Professorlester= the best Anji in the world

Thanks for your replies. Found out about sagi tobi from him which is pretty funny as it means deceptive/swindler jump. I’ll ask about option select this Saturday.

abare I’m pretty sure means attacking out of disadvantage, ie forced into a 50/50 situation. Its a common VF term.

Blocking = gaado
Dash = suteppu
Ultra = urukon (combination of ultra combo)
Standing = tachi
Crouching = kagamu OR shagami
Jab = yowai OR sho panchi
Strong = chu panchi
Fierce = tsuyoi or dai panchi
Short = yowai or sho keri
Forward = chu keri
Roundhouse = tsuyoi or dai keri
(Kicks can sometimes also be ashi or just kiku)
Throw = nage
Command Throw = koma nage
Air Throw = kuu nage
Distance = kyori
Close Distance = kinkyori
Far Distance = enkyori
Anti-Air = taikuu
Meter = geiji
Store/Build (Meter) = (geiji o) tamaru
Jump = janpu
Jump Straight = suichoku janpu
Whiff = sukaru
Hit = ataru

Just a few off the top of my head.

Sagat j.MP = People’s Elbrowu

Can we get the japanese writing for those too?

OMG, thank you azrael! This will really help with our SF discussions!

btw, I was an avid fan of your blog a few years bag. All you kancho stories destroyed my dreams of teaching in Japan.

Random fact, a friend of mine calls this move “playboy” because it look like Sagat’s posing for a photoshoot. Now, everyone in my scene calls it that.

lol, Now everytime Sagat does that I’ll think “Playboy”.

Looks more like the Macho Man Elbow to me…


If you have time, can you post some more terms? Like rushdown, mixup, bait, turtle, safe (on block), crossup, crossdown, reset, meaty, punish.

Super useful, my friend. Most of these I picked up from watching LordAborigine’s channel.

If they attack, you can expect to eat a combo. Unless I misunderstand what you’re talking about here.

Thanks for the list, Azrael.
I’m a TRF video fiend and often wonder what the (crazy) commentator is saying.
One can get the meaning from the context, but there are still some terms that evade me.

There’s one that sticks in my mind: it sounds like, “dai-pan” or “dai-pa”? My sister, who knows a little Japanese, says that it means, “big bread”. Haha! Doubtful. I’ll see if I can find a video with this term.

dai-pan surely means dai-panchi (heavy punch)?