SF4 & The Great Parts Famine

**February 2009(A): **Street Fighter 4 is released for Xbox 360 and PS3.
**February 2009(B): **Madcatz releases SE and TE joysticks to coincide with the games release. Supply<Demand.
**March 2009(A): **Akihabara and Lizard Lick get flooded with parts orders from fighting game enthusiasts who wish to build their own joysticks.
March 2009(B): Hori sees a sudden increase in sales.
**March 2009©: **Lizard Lick stops taking orders in order to catch up with the existing orders they already have. Lots of people get pissed and the Akihabara and Lizard Lick threads to from positive comments to people expressing frustration because they have to wait to get parts to build a custom stick. See February 2009(B).

Just figured I should create this thread in order to hear the opinions of those building custom joysticks who are getting impatient. This thread can be a place for individuals to vent rather than getting pissed at Akihabara and Lizard Lick and just ranting on and on in their threads. I’m sure everyone knew that the release of Street Fighter 4 would cause an immediate increase in demand for joysticks and pushbuttons. Plus I’m sure it didn’t take a nickels worth of free advice to know that the Madcatz sticks would be extremely scarce just like the 15th anniversary sticks were a few years ago. Feel free to speak your mind.


im seriously sick of these threads…

Can someone close this thread there is enough bitching on the LL thread as it is…why would you create a thread to hear people bitch about stuff…
There i spoke my mind just like you asked

Well, I for one think that people need to back off of lizard and Aki, I’m SURE they are doing the best they can to serve as many people as possible, so if they don’t get to you, trust me, they aren’t trying to be mean. They want to make money on sales just as much as you want to buy parts.

I’m psyched that these fine shops that have been supplying us for years are getting a well deserved bump in revenue.

has’nt this been said before…next

Maybe someone can split the threads and take all the similar bullshit to a dump section and only left the serious & possitive posts…

Please stop the crap…