SF4 Thursday at Riki-Oh's House in Mill Creek


What :

Sf4 on PS3, Tekken 5, Bushido Blade
Cabinet with MvC 1, Xmen vs SF, Marvel vs SF, Xmen, SF 2, ST, SF Alpha 1-3, KOF 96-2000, Samsho 1-4, Last Blade 1 and 2, and 400+ other games.

I got 2 HD big screen tv’s we can use plus about 2 other tvs I can provide. I dont have fight sticks but 2 will be provided by Doug, Mike n Trevor.

When : Thursday April 2 5pm til whenever.

Where: 17107 16th Ave SE Bothell WA 98012

BTW my number is 425 205 3100

Also we can watch some Super Jail aka the best show ever if yall are down.


Wow, didn’t know this was advertised. Cya tonight broseph.

Oh, and we’re bringing a 2nd setup…maybe. Just in case we have more peopel than expected/even with only 4 2 setups would be sick.


I’ll be there tonight after 8 is that ok?


I am interested in this cab, is it one of those ultracade deals?


It’s a custom cab his (uncle?) made for him…has a PC in it with the Emulators, and a 2 player X-arcade stick mounted to the front of the cab.

Pretty sweet custom deal.


Any time you guys wanna show up is cool.


i don’t think i’ll be able to make it =[ too many errands to do. But if you get enough setups and not enough ppl hook an xbox up to live and i’ll be down to play you guys via online!!


Ps3’s…but maybe next time we have a street session you can make it


Can you move your house closer to my house.


Son of a bitch, I wish I didn’t get paid at midnight tonight or I’d be there and my GF would be at the bar. Effin eh Mr Riki-tiki-taco!


Sorry I didn’t make it, I got abducted by my family to go see my grandpa since its his birthday (65!).

Ice cream cake is too powerful.


Good times and GG’s to all who were there. Less john’s woulda been nice but hey. good shit. Hopefully cya all on Sunday!