[SF4] Tips for teching throws?

Hello everyone,

I’d really appreciate if you guys could give me some tips to improve my overall throw teching game, I’m pretty bad at it.

A few things:

  • Is it easier to tech throw standing or is it better to learn how to OS tech throw? (which from what I understand, is a bit harder to pull off since you’ll be forced to tech the grab a bit late if you’re crouching).

  • My weakest point is when someone mixes up his throws between crouching attacks > tick throw and jumping attacks > throw, I become paranoid and mash OS throw, which made my character (Akuma) eat very painful counter hit combos from a Sagat player!

So is there a specific rhythm to press lp+lk (i.e press the buttons with each hit the opponent does while I’m in block stun, not just mindlessly mash) or to be really good at this I’ll just have to improve my reaction and press the throw buttons once when I knew my opponent is going for a throw?

Any help would be really appreciated.

It’s better to stand and tech if you know it’s coming. When you’re unsure, do a late tech so that if he attacks you’ll block, but if he tries to throw you’ll tech. “Late tech” implies that you tech the throw later than usual, rather than on the first possible frame.
Try it versus the CPU in training mode to get the timing. Record the CPU doing various blockstrings and aerial ticks into throw against you and use late crouch tech for defense.

Also remember that Akuma has a zero frame teleport. You can mash teleport during unsafe blockstrings if you don’t wanna deal with the mixup. Don’t abuse this though because many characters can punish teleports if they know you’re going for it.

mash that shit

It’s definitely not better to stand and tech. Just do an option select tech.

There particular rhythm is to mash the crouch os or do it a delay after you get sent into blockstun, just learn the timings for when they throw you, just takes time.

play tekken and practice throw teching lol jk but yeah just option select tech and watch for random overheads

Option serect!


Why do you say this?

AFAIK, if someone tries to throw you during the startup frames of your throw it will tech automatically. However, if someone tries to do it during c.lk, you’ll get thrown because throws beat attacks.

I’ve actually been having hell trying to tech so this info is pretty relevant to me.


Lordofultima’s video is a little confusing because it tries to explain every option select in the game. Just focus on crouch teching, it’s much better than stand teching. I would say it basically seperates the bad players from the OK ones.

If you actually practice this against a tech dummy, you’ll realize just how hard it is to actually tech throw that early during a blockstring.

Crouch tech limits the options for the other player since it’s risky to have many pauses in your block string, if any. Also you’ll be blocking low attacks whilst spamming crouch tech, wheras you can’t spam standing tech throw as you’re likely to get hit by a low attack if one’s coming at you, it really dumbs things down, and learning to beat a Crouch tech solidly is more effort than it’s worth, unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

OP tech is the way to go but keep in mind that doing it online is a bit more difficult then offline…not impossible though.
If online play is all you care about, learn the timing needed for the type of connection you play with, but keep in mind that this timing will be off when doing it offline and vice versa.

OS is still not fool proof and you will still get thrown but it should minimize it quite a bit when done right.
And DON’T mash it! Mashing OS will work only against certain characters under certain conditions and it creates bad habits. Go into training mode and set your dummy to tick throw you in different patterns to figure out the proper late timing.

Good luck

I’m a little confused by your logic. How are you getting thrown while you do a c.lk? If you’re crouch option select teching, if he’s going to throw you, you’ll get a tech out. If I do block strings and see that they’re stand teching, it’s much much much easier to punish that then somebody who’s option select teching.

read the blog entry that mariodood posted. I think we get at least 1 post a week about teching.

I’m saying that if you know a throw is coming, it’s better to stand to tech. This doesn’t mean that you know exactly when the throw is coming. So if you crouch tech early, you’ll get c.lk and you’ll get thrown out of it. However, if you’re standing and you tech early you’ll get a throw and he’ll end up teching your throw. The easiest example of this is if someone does a light jump-in or early medium jump-in attack. Even though you’re both 0 frames, you can attack first because he can’t attack for two frames after landing (even though he can tech). So if you crouch tech early (cos you can recover at differently every time depending on how he timed his jump in) and he mashes throw, you’ll get thrown. If on the other hand you tech standing, he’ll tech your throw.

[edit] Before this develops into a debate about tech throws:
OP, use crouch tech till you start playing against people who know how to beat it.

The only thing I can tell you is that you have your timing off. You’re supposed to do a late crouch tech cause then you’re going to tech 99% of the time.

I’ve got no problem teching throws against most players, but some of them definitely know how to beat it. Late tech works against most players because they go into auto-pilot when they tick throw, so you can always use the same timing for late tech. However, some players will change their throw timing (usually by altering their tick spacing). This means that you have to change your timing as well, even if you know that throw is coming. Now granted, there aren’t many people who do this (I only play against 1 regularly) because in SFIV the majority of tick throws are just an alternative if a hit-confirm combo is blocked, and the rest of the time it’s auto-pilot. So like I said in my previous post, OP should use crouch tech until he/she plays someone who knows how to beat it.

Thanks for replying everyone, the blog entry helped a lot.

But how far does the mix-up go, you could end up crouch teching early so his late tick throw is pointless or a bit of a gamble, since the attacker can’t block, the favour is in the crouch tech player to mix-it up or do nothing. My tech throw games verse other players isn’t that complicated or the other player is doing it to me without my knowledge and taking advantage of my Crouch OS tech throw.

Everything in SF has a counter. It doesn’t mean you should just abandon it. You just need to vary your defense. If someone is delayed throwing you, they’re basically letting you do whatever you want. Mash a 3 frame normal, shoryu, backdash, jump out.

Also, guys: You CAN’T mash crouch tech! That’s not how it works! If you mash crouch tech, you aren’t delaying the timing, which means it’s exactly the same as mashing cr. LK (which you will just get thrown out of). I sometimes use crouch tech multiple times in a block string, but I’m STILL not mashing it. Its more like pressing it slightly after each hit of the block string.

Sure, I agree 100%. But in my experience if you are almost positive that a throw is coming but you’re not when exactly it’s coming, then standing tech works better than crouch tech. If you’ve never faced players who know how to beat crouch tech and actually use it as part of their offense then crouch tech is obviously the best option. I however play at least one guy who can beat crouch tech more than half the time, so in my experience standing tech gives me a better chance to beat the throw when I know it’s coming, especially after a jump-in. The easiest way to recognize a player who can beat late crouch tech is one who can beat it more than 50% of the time, or even slightly less. That should give you an idea that it’s not just luck.

Also, a mashed normal won’t beat a delayed throw for the same reason crouch tech doesn’t beat a delayed throw. You can backdash, but that loses to OS anti-backdash (how do you know when the blockstring ends?). You can jump, but that loses to some normals (less likely, but it does happen). You can reversal, but this isn’t always easy with charge characters or those who depend on EX meter for invincibility. Not to mention that these are also valid options against any tick throw attempts anyway. The key is “if you know it’s coming”. As I said in my original response, if you’re not sure, then crouch tech is the best option.