[SF4] Tips for teching throws?

ok I tech about 80-90% of the time and the way I do it is to cr.tech after the opponents jab animation ends. this can go on up to 2 or maybe 3 times depending on a character.

after the first 2 or 3 jabs you can stop cr.teching because most characters will be out of reach unless they have a kara throw.

I usually late tech because it usually stops all their random DP attempt if you time it correctly.

See, the thing is, good players can and will beat the crouch tech easily. For example, there is a friend of mine online who knows I crouch tech, so he purposfully stops his block string for a split second, then reversals me > FADC > Ultra. Crouch teching can be extremely dangerous against these kinds of players. He also will do the same thing, stop a split second during a block string, then continue his block string - counterhitting my normal - and do a huge counter hit combo into big damage. Trust me when I tell you that crouch teching is your worst enemy in higer levels of game play. My only issue is that i cannot for the life of me tech a throw on reaction. ATM im convinced it can’t be done, but some players say they can so I dunno.

You can’t tech every throw without getting hit by things. If you stand tech you’re risking getting hit by a low or having a throw whiff punished. If you crouch tech you’re risking a juicy counter-hit combo.

If your opponent gets you to block a jump-in or a blockstring then his reward is the mixup. Accept that there’s a chance you’re going to get hit and take a guess on whether to stand tech or crouch tech depending on your opponent’s blockstring habits.

The timing for throw techs depends on what kind of tick the opponent is doing. If Ryu does cr.mp throw then the timing is obviously different than if he did cr.lp throw.

If you can’t reliably tech throws against a person without getting counter-hit that means your opponent knows how to use throws. So do your best to stay out of that situation in the first place - don’t get knocked down, don’t block a level 2 focus attack, and don’t let him jump in.

I find that trying to match their rhythm works for me most of the time. I hit my OS tech just ever so slightly after their jabs or kicks are blocked. You can listen to their hit and then you press your buttons. It’s not perfect and you can’t rely on OS tech getting you out of everything and yeah, someone before mentioned the online lag aspect which just gets in the way sometimes.