SF4 to BB - Control Issues


Anyone else having “huge” problems adjusting to special moves in BB? SF4’s way of “shorthand” specials is beaten into my head. Even after 400 games of BB, I still keep trying to :df::d::df: instead of :dp:. Even :hcf: moves tend to want precise accuracy that I just can’t get used to doing.

It’s getting to the point it is really starting to effect my game. I can get people in Litchi’s corner trap only to slap my staff down trying to Tsubame. Not once, but a few times a match. Doesn’t help that I hadn’t used an arcade stick till SF4. Any suggestions?


I have an easier time with moves in BB for some reason… Meh.


Training. Mode. Obsessively.

Seriously, I feel your pain. After many, many hours of playing SFIV as my first really serious fighter, my inputs were so damn sloppy. Its really just practice. It helps that I always tried to avoid the shortcuts in SFIV I suppose…


The only thing I really don’t have down is 632146, which is kind of important for Rachel :bluu:


SF4 is like the only game I know of with inputs that sloppy, you’ll need to learn to do them the right way if you want to play other fighting games.

When I got my stick about a month ago I knew this would be a problem so instead of practicing on sf4 I played a ton of Battle Fantasia instead. It’s funny because now when I go back to play SF4 a lot of the moves/combos that used to give me trouble seem braindead easy.


Just practice them. There’s no magic trick to getting the motions down, just keep on practicing them until you can do them consistently.


Truth. I was never happy about what they did with the input leniency on SF4.

Just keep practicing. Eventually you’ll overcome your SF4 muscle memory and the motions will become more natural.


This. No random move comes out now, thank god.

Just spend time in training mode, and dp obsessively. I never switched to the SFIV motion for the very reason that no other game I know of does this, so it would have been terrible on my execution.

The 632146 motion is rather precise in that you must get the last 4 to come out or else it’s a wasted motion. Again, training mode practice.


Practice more, post less, read stickies.