SF4 Tournament @Best Buy - East Brusnwick, NJ- 3/7/09

*Posting a flyer I received at the Bordentown Gamestop Tournament.

SF4 Tournament @ Best Buy
March 7, 2009

Best Buy of East Brunswick
300 State Route 18
Suite 4
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

3:00pm (come 15 mins early for signups)

Entry is free and open to all ages. Tournament will be played on PS3 with PS3 controllers
with large projection monitor. Prizes will be handed out to winners (pads, gift cards, no cash).

I don’t have the official tournament rules as of now but the guy that is running it
said that if he could get a good turnout that this could become a weekly tournament.

If you have some free time and wanna play there should be a pretty good turnout and
the fact that it could be a weekly event is exciting to hear (God knows jersey needs more of these)

This doesn’t seem worth the 1 hour long travel.

i think ill head up since its about 20 mins from me

Yea i was at that Bordentown round 2. The dewd given out the flyers also told me it was going to be played on a… 80 Inch Projectile!!! with the entry being free… i think im gonna check this shit out!

i will be there, only 20 mins away

I feel like a the biggest dumbass. There was a big turnout so I was happy about that, but I got to the tournament late and wasn’t able to sign up so my friends and I went to eight on the break (which was good). Anyway, how was the tournament? Anything exciting? I heard a el fuerte player won the whole thing?!

I actually planned and ran the whole tournament. We had a 64 person single elimination tournament. We had over 100 people come out and watch and/or play and we are doing this again for sure. I’m sorry if you didn’t make the cut, but I’m aiming to have another one in two weeks in which I will allow people to bring their own arcade sticks. We played on one giant 80’’ projector and on two 46’’ plasma TV’s. The systems where all Playstation 3. The winner was indeed an el fuerte player that really dominated the entire thing! It was a sight to see. First place took home a $65 gift card and a Best Buy gift bag filled with Best Buy stuff. Second place got the same content filled bag and a $25 gift card. I’ll post pictures soon too! Let me knew if you guys have any suggestions for the next one!

Looks like I was wrong. Haha.

So Only 64 Players were allowed to Play? if that’s the case how does one Avoid being Cut? I want to participate in the next Tourney but if there a chance I’m gonna get cut Just because I missed the 64 player Limit. Doesn’t seem Like it would be worth the 35 min drive for me or any else who lives farther then me like Stadic mention in the previous post.

Next one I am planning a bit different. There wont be a limit to players because I’ll have sign ups in groups of 8 player batches. That way we can hold as many players as possible and if we need only a few more players to finish off the last batch of 8 I’m sure we can pull audience members into it or employees for a quick round. The last tournament though, we had sign ups run up until 3:15 because we didn’t reach the 64 limit on time at 3. Sign ups will start at 2pm so if you come early you can make sure you have a spot no matter what. Though, I feel that with this new sign up system we will be fine and able to hold more players.

Yeah i was the El Fuerte that won as soon as i get my pics up ill upload them too.

I thought it was you. Can you PM me your name too so I can put it up on BestBuy.com along with the pictures? Thanks again for coming and would you recommend it to other players?

The Tourney was fun. I really enjoyed myself. I was the 2nd place Ken. Felt kinda weird playing using regular controllers only cuz i’m use to using a stick, but it was a definately fun either way. Everybody there seemed to be good sports. :slight_smile:

Good to hear there is gonna be another one. Just post a thread or something and let us know when the next tournament will be and any format changes.

Mad props for dominating with el fuerte! I shoulda stayed but I had to check out 8 on the break. Just watching people play sf for hours and not being able to play would have drove me insane.

Does 8 on the Break have SF4? I didn’t think they did.

Hey guys we plan on having another tournament either the 21st or 28th. How would you guys feel about rather than having it at 3 having an earlier start like 12 noon? Pictures of the event are provided at this link! http://www.capcom-unity.com/street_fighter/go/thread/view/7411/13871558/Best_Buy_Street_Fighter_4_Tournament?num=10&pg=7

Great pics bro. 12 noon? not sure, i had to get off of work early to make it to that tournament. Luckily it was only 2 hrs early. Over all it’s up to you. 12 noon would probably bring more people. Keep the Tourney alive!!!

No they don’t unfortunately . They have 3s, mvc2, and tatsunoko vs capcom. University Pinball in Philly has sf4, tatsu, blue blaze, and lots of other good stuff. If you haven’t played sf4 in an arcade I recommend you check it out.

LOL I underestimated this tournament as well. It was so close to me (not to mention I frequent that location). Just a question: Have those HDTV’s been tested for input lag? I’m not trying to be picky (I don’t mind if they have lag), but I’m just curious that’s all.

And has it been confirmed that the next one will allow you to bring your own controllers?

I’ll definitely be coming to the next one and any others if they happen. From the looks of things, it appears that people were mature and cool, which is a big plus for these types of events.

Last time I went there they didn’t have 3S. Are you sure they got it back?

Not confirmed on the controllers yet, but you likely will be allowed to bring your own. As for lag, I tested the tvs before the last tournament and they seemed to be pretty dead on as far as lag. It seemed minimal at worst. Would you consider coming to the next one?