SF4 Tournament @Best Buy - East Brusnwick, NJ- 3/7/09

Yeah definitely! I don’t care if there is minimal lag. I’m just happy that you guys are throwing tournaments! It’s so hard to organize a tournament on such a grand scale (and meet fellow players!).

I was asking that in case people bring it up in the future. But you already tested it so you’re already on top of that issue.

Here are some other questions that people may ask (in case you haven’t thought of them yet):

-Can players map their buttons? How about turbo buttons?
-Are all characters going to be unlocked? Are there any banned characters?
-What happens if a player pauses the game? Will he or she be disqualified or only lose the round?
-Can you seed my friend and me far apart so we don’t play each other early on?

-Players can not map their buttons. No turbos allowed at all.

  • We play default characters only because the Playstation systems we play on are opened only 2 days before our events.
  • Pausing my previous rule was that they lose the round, but most players where fine with just going on with the match so I am going to make leave it up to the players, but general rules are you lose a round.
  • We actually do see you guys apart. We start seeding at the exact center of the board in order to split friends up.

Yea they do. I went to the Break on March 7 and played 3s there. The cabinet and setup isn’t the best but the game seemed to run fine.

Except for the sound last time i played. It would say shoryureppa when i did Shippu and ex-hadouken was a grunt. :rofl: but maybe they fixed it???

sorry im slackin but here my stuff not really that cool.


you can go to the pics and vids from there.

just so i can start some drama…damn VPT its at best buy not evolution we played with pads on hdtv no one was dying over 10th of a second inputs…there was a 7 year old taking people off with mr.electric

Haha I know one of the screens is a lil green in the top left corner but honestly I didn’t even notice the sound problem. It was kinda hard to hear anything really with all the footstompin and techno from the DDR games…

yea, i agree with joemopolis. if you have the opportunity, hit up 8 on the break or UPinball in philly. Getting that arcade atmosphere is extremely cool and you usually get matches with helpful competitors which makes for more enjoyment compared to playing on ps3 network or xbox live because the people on there are either grade A dicks or dont put their mic on.

Haha no worries, I’m not complaining. I was just bringing it up as a point that should be considered, not necessarily addressed. If you see below, I added some other common tournament questions. Personally, I can’t notice it even though my HDTV has a few frames of input lag… BTW congrats on your win.

Yeah it was a great win and a pretty fun tournament. The 7 year old Blanka was pretty funny to watch while winning.

That little kid is my hero! lol :slight_smile:

So has there been any Update on the New Tournament that was supposed to On the 28th???

Wondering the same thing.

I also ask on the Capcom Unity Forum as well and I got this response from Tiago

First weekend of April will be our next tournament! I still have not heard from Capcom on prize support which is a bit dissapointing, but either way I shall do my best to make sure this is another enjoyable event!


Your Welcome!