SF4 Tournament Edition Stick and SF:AC Stick: Is it Possible to Interchange?

Ok, so I have both the sf4 tournament edition stick and the sf: ac stick. With the advent of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, I have already purchased a ps2 to gamecube converter for my ps2 sf: anniversay collection stick.

Since I played the crap out of blazblue and definitely enjoyed it to the fullest, all my attention has shifted to tvc: uas. I can’t really think of any upcoming fighting game that I’m gunna really need the sf4 tourny stick for. Therefore, is it possible for me to take all the pieces of my sf4 tourny stick and replace all the parts of my sf: ac stick with it?

If so, can I replace it back if need be? Also if so, can someone please hit me up with some links/tutorials on how to do this exactly? I’ve known about stick modding for the longest, but my lazyness has kept me from ever actually needing to try it out and so I’m pretty much a stick modding noob.

thanks in advance


The reason no one answered your thread because this question had been asked before/ and you probably didn’t take the time to search for the thread.
You need to take out the black molding in your TE stick before you can replace any parts. It requires a lot of modification before you can put in the Happ/iL/ Knockoff buttons and Joystick in the controller.

I think jinchu wants to put Japanese Arcade Parts into the Anniversary Collection.
Not many people have done that, but I’ve seen before.

Oh, well if you plan to put the Sanwa parts in the Anniversary Collection, You might need to dremel out the wood and plexi in the stick because it is 29mm wide and Sanwa buttons are 30mm. As for the JLF joystick mounting, Drill 4 holes through the top panel to accommodate the mounting plate with it.