**SF4 Tournament NY/NJ - E-spot Jersey City, NJ - 8-21**

Hey I saw this randomly and my friend works here so I decided to post this SF 4 tournament here. This is easy to get to via a 2 buck bus via Port Authority. I host smash tournaments here.

The E spot
Internet & Gaming Center
445 Central Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 763-6685

August 21, 2009


$10/Tournament Fee
$5/person Door Fee

All Street Fighters are welcomed.

There will be NO refunds provided, once a registration
payment has been made.

Registration & Warm-up Matches: 5:00PM
First Match: 7:00PM

Tournament is capped at 100 Street Fighters

(Payouts based on 50 fighters)

1st: Up to $375
2nd: Up to $125
3rd: (If theres more than 50 participants)

-Tournament Info.-

Game Play on Xbox 360, Double Elimination, Best 2 out of 3 Matches, 99 sec. Matches,
3 Rounds each Match, All Characters legal, Random Stages, Fighters will have 5 min. to show up for their match or be disqualified,


All Fighters must bring their own Wired Controller or Wireless Controller with Plug n Play. Arcade Sticks welcome. There will be no equipment available to borrow or rent.

Payouts are based on 50 participants and subject to change if MORE or less Fighters show up.


If I can get off from work then I’m definitely coming.

I’ll go as well if I can call off work.

So I got someone to take my day so I’m definitely coming. Will this tournament actually be happening cause this thread hasn’t had many responses?

Ill be there with 4 of my friends.

Are you guys insane? have heard of this tournament? its exactly a copy of the Sabin/ FlashM Payout incident… omg i went to the first one and i got screwed out of finals… they switched the rules… from 3/5 to 2/3 in winners and Loseres final… o man and the first pl was PROMISED 500 OR MORE on flyer lol and it said the same crap… the guy was mad he only got 100 … then he argued for more… they gave him 50… they dont know how to run turnys. ask the pro players that were there… i play in nyc turnys and good jersey ones that are run lagit… this shit is bull they give you a small payout for the major cash they rank in… dont go to turny like these… i went to first and then to see second… they did same shit.
notice there not giving a payout on the rules?
ie: 1st=70%

they charge door fee and turny fee its money for them not players…
there all about the love for the money not the game… people like this should be flamed across the SRK fourms.

any questions about this turny lemme know. but there scaming and for that reason so they cant get a cent outta me.

wow I did not know that I do smash tournaments here and I never had an issue with them. I will speak to them about these.

I know for many tournaments that venue and tournament fees are suppose to be put on the flyer. With the prices it should be noted ALWAYS that those high #'s are BASED on a certain turnout which I put on the first post. I think if they post that its actually OK to post those amounts based on a certain amount.

Sometimes it really is a case of people not reading the fine print which most tournament players smash/halo/sf are very guilty of. Now that is something to work to get a better where if I run it nothing bad will happen EVER.

Yeah, I got 2nd in the first tourney they held. It was pretty much a complete nightmare. I was really ticked off when one of the people who were working there said something to my friend which was inappropriate.

But it’s easy money if you want to go. lol

hm well I should host the next one make sure this does not happen cause thats silly to me. I am going to gameunicon.

That is what happens though and it will be fixed if I do it.