SF4 Tournament Results, James Games Arcade, Upland/ SoCal

Despite the many complications we had to endure through out the night, like equipment failure and a black out of the surrounding half mile, we were still able to make this an amazing event. We had a whopping 59 entrants; with well known names like Mike Ross, Joe Dubbs, Tatsu, Fuson909, Vicious, Destruct1ve and SHGL. Be sure to check out the matches from top eight at Get Your Tournament’s Youtube channel once they go live: http://www.youtube.com/getyourtournament

In two weeks (3.12.10) James Games will be holding there first 2v2 Tournament. Be sure to check out the thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=227891

Also be on the look out for the new thread for our next BIG tourney, “Championship Edition” @ James Games Arcade, 4-10-10, $10 Entry, beginning at 12:00 PM PST. Here is the thread http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=229135
This is the what all our past tournaments have been building up to. We have collected $200 to give away to the Winner of “Championship Edition” on top of their pot winnings. With the kind of numbers we pulled last night I don’t doubt the possibility of this being a 64+ man tournament.
That means that first place has the possibility to win up to $650!!!

Well without further a do, here are your full results from last nights Street Fighter 4 Tournament @ James Games Arcade

1 Joe Dubbs
2 Mike Ross
3 Vicious
4 Fuson909
5 Tatsu
5 Dodgers2213
7 Sonny Nhoung
7 Destruct1ve
9 ClutchLikeKobe
9 RM
9 Temjin Alpha
9 X Blades
13 Black Pyro
13 Zill Grinds
13 Aldo Delgadillo
13 Brentt Franks
17 Jose Chavez
17 Steve The Pirate
17 Jared Reyes
17 Mike Murietta
17 Dolfan 305
17 Marcos Morales
25 Chris Towner
25 Lina Yu
25 Wonder Chef
25 Mario Pamplona
25 Jonny Mayate
25 Rusty Shackelford
25 Robert Quintero
25 Hakeem Reynolds
33 Axis Gamer 9
33 LVS
33 Jonathan Soon
33 Eddie Cifuentes
33 Gearge Coronado
33 Paul Le
33 Izzy Sanchez
33 Yankeeblugenes
33 Glory Hole
33 WhatIsFear
33 Heartless Omega
33 The Grimace
33 Ryan Flores
33 Micheal Wu
33 Mr. Kim
33 Mike McMullin
49 Ivan Flores
49 Rene Nunez
49 Andrew Hartmann
49 Justin Zych
49 Eric Ruiz
49 Ernie Chavez
49 Jose Gary
49 Bryan Hamel
49 Matt Vallejos

GGs to everyone I played. Big thanks to James Games for making this happen.

Good shit on first Joe…

heard grandfinals was sagat v sagat
Lame =(

Fuson still gully, son.

ggs to everybody. I think i may have made an ass of myself in front of some people. lol it was the beer

Good job Mr. Mike Ross!

Congrats on 5th Dodgers! Sorry I couldn’t stay.

@Tatsu, Dubs, Vicious, Destructive! and the rest of the people i saw!!!

Good shyyyt guys!!! dubbs those crackers were bomb on the long waits! Vicious why you so nice! Tatsu ur always by my side when we fight??!! CALCULATED RANDOMNESS??! Desctructive always good to fight ya!! good seeing many known faces down there!!


  • Why you so nice!!

actually that shit was funny. Joe and mike were just doing random ass shit. all rushdown, tryin to get in that ass. It was pretty entertaining

Finals videos here

All videos from the tourney posted here

I’ll try to remember to make a playlist soon, cuz tomorrow I’m gonna post about 30 more videos from another tourney.


Thanks a ton Glenn for covering our tourney. It was a pleasure having you. I’ll be sure to contact you before we hold our 2v2 on the 26th.

oh i hate watching my own videos lol but they are helpful though

thanks puff, you should have stayed man! like, less than 10 mins after you left the power came back on hahaha

btw, the youtube vids have my handle wrong :confused:

lol @ Los Dodgers.

That’s your new name from now on.

Nooooooooooo :confused:

Hahahaha “Los Dodgers.” Yeah contact Glenn at gytnews.com. He is the one who recorded and uploaded those vids.