SF4 Tournament Stick 360 (Ebay) reasonable price




That was fast. xD


how much did you sell it for, i want to sell mine too


it sold for $277 including shipping.

eBay link


Lol. That’s not reasonable at all. But nice work. Btw, you buyers are idiots.


i honestly thought i was the only person to think that lol


I seriously can’t believe people are paying that much for a stick. I would wait for the next shipment to come in or just build one. Gamestop is taking orders for a shipment which is supposed to arrive within the next few weeks. Seriously just hold your horses. Some people just want to give away their cash, it’s silly


to be fair to the OP, he started it at a reasonable price, which is what was referred to in the title. it is the eBay bidders that pushed it up to its high final price.


Im trying to sell mine for $275…Any idiots here want to buy it for that price? pm me