SF4 Tourney, 7/30 10 pm EST (7pm PST)

Date: Thursday July 30th 10PM EST (7PM PST) Channel #sf4dood, on EFnet. Please choose your GWFL as your nick name when you get into the channel for convenience.
This is an online tournament so if you got nothing better to do come chill with us for a bit.
If you are not able to make it please post in this thread at least a few hours notice, nobody likes no shows.

  1. To use mibbit, goto www.mibbit.com, and press start chatting.
  2. Change the server to EFnet and enter your nickname (GFwL) and channel (#sf4dood)
  3. Press/enter the Go button, DONE! yayyyy

***Be in the mirc channel ready to go at least 10 min before the tourney starts. I will start handing out DQ’s if you are excessively late. =(. If spots are not filled by starting time enjoy the free bye =) ***

i random selected for brackets. one by one out of a hat if that is what you need =P

1. Double elimination
2. Best of 2, 2 out of 3 rounds, Finals will be 2, 3 out of 5.
3. You are allowed to sign up with two primary characters, it is your decision if you want to switch in between rounds. You aren’t allowed to pick someone other than the two characters you signed up with.
4. I would like to say lets keep it in US and Canada, but lets test it out. (anyone with a good computer/connection can join!) we’ll call this a test tourney so i know how to set it up better, later on.
5. Mirc will be required , and lets have people show up on time, or let me know you are not gonna make it. (use www.mibbit.com for ease if needed.)
6. D/C’s depending on the situation will be replayed.

Hopefully this will not only give people bragging rights but hopefully the SF4 PC community can grow a bit stronger. I dont have a ps3 or an xbox 360, so sf4 coming out for the pc was awesome. HYPEEEE! haha

I’m going to limit it to 16 entrants this time.

Please sign up with your EXACT ID, and the two characters you will be using.

  1. Doodwut (Chun/Bison)
  2. Wall It Up (Balrog/Akuma) - CriTikAlx
  3. Open Spot
  4. ROBOLEADER (Bison/Guile)
  5. StreetFighterON (Sagat/Ryu) - RamX4
  6. EveryFlowerFlow (Rose/Abel)
  7. Neosyphen (Chun/Rufus) - Scrimples
  8. kingGEEDORAH88 (Chun/Bison) - tra`
  9. Leviticus00 (Ryu/Sagat)
  10. DirtyJenkins (Akuma/Ryu) - trueultimo
  11. Xagnos (Gouken/Akuma)
  12. Open Spot
  13. Stellumz (Ken/Fuerte)
  14. Mikerrrrr (Chun/Ryu)
  15. ViPfasho (Blanka/Bison)
  16. jsun005 (Balrog/Akuma) - StreetestFighter

Standing by:
tehrebound (Gouken/Akuma)

I’m in for sure. My gamertag is “Wall It Up” I’ll be using Boxer/Akuma
SFIV for the pc is awesome for me since I have to share the ps3.

I suppose I’ll sign up as well. Worst thing that’ll happen is I suck and lose.

My tag is “tehrebound”

Mains: Gouken/Akuma (Gouki)

Sure, amazingly I have that day off :smiley:


Mains: Dictator/Guile

Does the winner have to keep the same character after a game or can you switch off regardless.

it doesnt matter as long as you keep within the two characters.

Sure I’ll join!

Gamertag is StreetFighterON

Mains: Sagat/Ryu

I would join, but I just started playing a few days ago, and I’m sure I’d get destroyed. I hope this tournament works out well for you guys, and I’ll be sure to join more SFIV PC tournaments later once I’m actually decent.

I’m down


haah its not that serious, have fun with it! join if you have time.

i think you are the rose that caught me with back to back ultra Ko’s hahaha

I’ll join.

GFWL: Neosyphen

Chun / Rufus


CHARS: Chun/Dictator

I’m in.

GFWL: Leviticus00

Chars: Ryu/Sagat

damn only 2 console characters haha, where are the cammys and sakuras in the pc community!

I’ll sign up.

DirtyJenkins (Akuma/Ryu)

PC right?

If so I’m down for it!

GFWL: Xagnos (Akuma/Gouken)

im in
Characters: GEN

Just pointing out that you listed me incorrectly in the op. I’m “Wall It Up” not “tehrebound”.

Don’t know if I’m 100% sure able to come… :frowning:

But I’ll find out eventually.

Stellumz (Ken/Fuerte)

hell, i’ll join, even if i’ll just scrub it up. just gotta figure out how to use IRC, though that shouldn’t be impossible. by the way, doodwut, i added you on GWFL (i think). also, i’ve never played in a tournament before, so someone will have to explain double elimination and brackets and rules and what not. or just tell me who to fight :slight_smile:

gamertag is Mikerrrrr and I play Chun/Ryu