SF4 Tourney, 7/30 10 pm EST (7pm PST)

hey just as a precaution pick one more character that you would use.

yup just post in here that you won’t be able to make it. If people sign up late, and are still available i’ll put them in a standby list. i dont want any empty spots haha

hey man so everybody is allowed 2 losses, ill be running the brackets by hand. ill prolly post it up so everyone can see later on when the roster is filled up. I will be calling out matches in Mirc

yo, wus up.

GFWL : ViPfasho

Characters : Blanka, M. Bison

P.S. - Stellumz’s fuerte is so annoying :wgrin:

do you mean m.bison as in boxer? i’ve played against your balrog its why i ask.

Stellumz fuerte is freeee haha jkjk:lovin:

Oh, I meant bison as the psycho power dictator :wgrin:

haha thanks for clearing it up. just to let you guys know ill be random choosing brackets, and it will be up on bracketmaker.com. Ill post the link on thursday.

Hopefully this one goes well so we can try 32 next time haha.

may i take the last slot? :slight_smile:

ID: jsun005 Boxer/Akuma


jk :lol: FULL! but taking standbys.

hey doodwut, if someone else wants my spot, please give it to him (or her!). i think after those matches tonight it’s clear that my patented panicicky LK lightning legs technique doesn’t exactly deserve a spot in the tournament. but if nobody else wants it, i’ll still show up and play.

and thanks for the great matches earlier tonight, you have a pretty kick ass chun. i need to get down the motions for hasan shu and ultra, and learn how to FADC through fireballs properly. but that’ll all have to come after the fundamentals :-/ also, your crossups were destroying, i gotta learn how to do that :wink:

haha thanks man , gg’s :rock:
the chun forums man, hit it up. haha

but anyways you signed up on time, you deserve a spot. DO IT! =P

Alright, a full bracket! Looking forward to playing you guys.

Nice time/date :smiley:

yeah i saw the conflicting dates. sorry for biting =P

<3 blueflamingo

nice brackets, appreciate all the effort doodwut =)

ballin’ bracket, with that visual aid i finally understand the oh-so-difficult concept of double elimination.

looking forward to it, even though i’m sure i’ll scrub it up.

Hey Miker, if you want we can get some games in before the tournament. Just add me and if I’m on at the same time as you I’ll play you with some of my newer characters that I’m trying to learn. Chun was my original main before I decided to move on. I may not be super pro with her but I can give you some basic tips. My gamertag is “Wall It Up”.

How long is this tourney supposed to go? Is this like a one day thing? And whats the mirc channel?

different system, if I was actually mad i woulda said so hahaha

best of luck

Sure thing. I’ll probably be on around 7:30 CST ish.

@Xagnos The channel is in the first post.

yes this is a one day thing. i dont see it going past 2 hours. 16 people is a very small tourney size. dont’ leave until you lose TWICE! hence double elimination.

D-Proto, you’ll be stuck using Gen throughout the tourney. hopefully this is what you wanted haha

best of luck to you guys and have fun!!! :rofl:

I’m posting here to let you guys (and my opponent) know that I’m going to be a bit late tonight. I also am doing some online RPG stuff, and I committed to that long before I signed up for this tourney. I’m sorry for failing at scheduling. If you want to replace me, then go right ahead, I won’t mind.