SF4 Tourney, 9/13 Sunday 8PM EST (5PM PST)


Date: Sunday, September 13, 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) Channel #sf4dood, on EFnet. Please choose your GWFL as your nick name when you get into the channel for convenience.
This is an online tournament so if you got nothing better to do come chill with us for a bit.
If you are not able to make it please post in this thread at least a few hours notice, nobody likes no shows.

  1. To use mibbit, goto www.mibbit.com, and press start chatting.
  2. Change the server to EFnet and enter your nickname (GFwL) and channel (#sf4dood)
  3. Press/enter the Go button, DONE! yayyyy

***Be in the mirc channel ready to go at least 10 min before the tourney starts. I will start handing out DQ’s if you are excessively late. =(. If spots are not filled by starting time enjoy the free bye =) ***

1. Double elimination
2. Best to 2 sets, 2 out of 3 rounds, Winner/Grand Finals will be 2 sets, 3 out of 5 rounds.
3. You are allowed to sign up with two primary characters, it is your decision if you want to switch in between rounds. You aren’t allowed to pick someone other than the two characters you signed up with.
4. If you have a good computer/connection feel free to sign up.
5. Mirc will be required , and lets have people show up on time, or let me know you are not gonna make it. (use www.mibbit.com for ease if needed.)
6. D/C’s depending on the situation will be replayed.

its the third time around and its a weekend! hopefully we get a few more people who can play on the weekends. lets get a full 32, plez.

Brackets are up http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=336143

  1. Doodwut (Guile/Chun)
  2. ViPfasho (Blanka/Balrog)
  3. phillmcneal (Akuma/Sagat)
  4. Andrew Zaldivar (Seth)
  5. FuneralPartier (Bison/Sagat)
  6. violentdrunkard (Sagat)
  7. Barkyy (Akuma)
  8. AnalogDigital (Bison)
  9. Stellumz (Ken/Balrog)
  10. bunnnta (Chun)
  11. JPG1980 (Balrog/Seth)
  12. EveryFlowerFlow (Rose/Abel)
  13. JUDDERMANG (Rufus/Balrog)
  14. tehrebound (Gouken)
  15. Mize24 (Chun/Bison)
  16. jeffreylai12 (Balrog/Sakura)
  17. CursiveQ (Sagat/Ryu)
  18. Patentdragonfly (Gouken/Ryu)
  19. Dorick07 (Akuma)
  20. Trag25 (Guile/Sakura)
  21. Daimasuke - Sakura
  22. Swag B (Ryu)
  23. Xefe (Viper/Sagat)
  24. Deadlymagno (Sagat/Honda)
  25. MingoDynasty (Ryu/Sagat)
  26. OnePageMemory (Sagat/Balrog)
  27. Espp1234 (Ryu)
  28. KeVbits (Fuerte/Bison)
  29. ebreem (Guile/Sim)
  30. Tawler (Blanka)
  31. Neosyphen (Chun/Rufus)
  32. Asencsion (Chun)


what it do playa. count me in.

ViPfasho (blanka, balrog)


damn i can’t wait! the last one was so much fun

id on windows live : phillmcneal



Now that this tournament is being held on a weekend, I won’t have work getting in my way. Sign me up.

GFWL: Andrew Zaldivar
Character: Seth


umm depends on the time…

but IN for now…

dotclipse [honda/bison]


violentdrunkard (Sagat)


GFWL: Barkyy

Just Akuma, won’t switch



M. Bison





please :frowning:


made it 8 PM, feels like a reasonable compromise for a weekend date.

i just wanted to clarify that this is in two weeks, not this upcoming sunday. I know for many of us we have school starting up again, and I especially needed a bit of time.


put me up!

bunnnta … strictly chun li

im about 80% sure i can make this one, i’ll keep u updated if i can’t.


oh snap, good thing entourage comes on at 730… but ABDC is on at 9! :crybaby:




This season of ABDC sucks imo.

C. Viper/Dhalsim

I may change my secondary character before the tournament since it’s still a ways off. I’ll let you know.


Count me in

Character(s): Rufus/Balrog


GFWL: tehrebound
Character: Gouken


I’d like to sign up,

Mize24 (chun li, m. bison)


Sign me up!

GFWL: jeffreylai12
Character: Balrog/Sakura


GFWL: CursiveQ
Chracters: Sagat/Ryu


Im in!

Patentdragonfly : Gouken, Ryu