SF4 tourney at Howies Game Shack - Mission Viejo, CA 8/28


I didn’t see a posting about this already so hopefully I didn’t just miss it, and this is the first you’ve heard about this. There’s only 2 weeks til this event so I’m trying to help promote it as much as possible with what little time we have.

Mike and I talked to American Guru and Howies Game Shack around 11pm this Saturday about organizing a Street Fighter 4 tournament there. Here’s the details so far.

What: Street Fighter 4 singles tournament

Where: Howies Game Shack in Mission Viejo, CA

When: August 28th, 2009 at 12 noon

Sponsors: Howies Game Shack, Monster, American Guru Clothing

Rules: Standard Street Fighter Rules

* Best 2 of 3 games
* Double Elimination
* Character change upon loss of game only

Set up: There are 4 copies of Street Fighter 4 so there will be 4 matches being run at once. 2 players must share each tv.

Registration: Players must register at Howies at 11am on the day of the tournament (go to howies.com to get location details)

Normal Entry Fee: $20 total

* $10 to cover the all day pass ($1 discount)
* $10 to go toward the pot

$10 all day pass fee waived to all American Guru Clothing wearers: $10 total

* Must buy an American Guru shirt from their [official website](http://www.americanguruclothing.com) before 8/28 and be wear it to the event. (If you already bought one just wear it to the event)
* $10 to go toward the pot

Prize: Pot distribution to be determined by the number of entrants

* If under 16 entrants 1st place receives 100% of the pot
* If over 17 entrants the pot is split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

As I find out more information I will let you know. Mike Ross will be running the tournament so you know it’ll be done right! Everyone should attend… the more players, the bigger the pot, and the better your chances of getting a piece of it!

If you have any more questions please DM me or Mike Ross for more info!


Question, is Mike Ross entering the event?


only if you want me to mooyang…only if u want me to


am I banned from using the lk button?


Yes, Yes you are. But don’t worry, its not on PC version :slight_smile:


What system is the tourney based on? Xbox, ps3, or arcade?


xbox 360


Mike Ross I will bless your tournament with my presence.


I will be showing up to this tournament! I know you will be entering Mike!


bring your own stick?


yes sir bring ur own joystick.

keno - yes i will :slight_smile:
potatohead - thank you.


Got dammit I’m going to be in Dallas. =(



TOurnament date

Is it on the 28th? Cause saturday is the 29th. WHen exactly is the tourney? Anyone?


tourney is in like 8 hours