SF4 tourney Gamestop Orlando


Hi everybody. I am the assistant manager at Gamestop in Millenia Plaza (NOT Millenia Mall). My manager and I are going to start doing Tournaments every month because there are so many fighting games coming out this year (SF4, BlazBlue, KoF, Tekken). Between these official tournaments we are also going to try to get together every Friday to help build hype and keep people excited about fighting games. We are dubbing the tournaments and gatherings “Friday Night Fights.”

The first tournament is going to be May 1st and the following tournaments will be the first Friday of each month. The remaining Friday nights in the month are going to be informal, everyone getting together to just play for fun. There will be no entry fee for this tourney. The prize for first place is a subscription to Game Informer (comes with discount card) and second place gets a free $5 reserve on any game they want. I know they aren’t huge prizes but there is no entry fee and its fun regardless.

They way we are going to run this first tourney is as follows.
Single elemination
2/3 rounds 99seconds
No Gouken or Seth
controller only (I know this sucks but the reason is we are using our demo units so we don’t need to set up TV’s, SORRY in advance)
default controls only
If we have a small turnout we will do a vote to see what system the tourney will be on.
If we have a large tourney I will do two brackets; one for each system and the winner of each will play each other on one system. Which system that will be will be decided via coin-flip.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask here or e-mail me. If you call the store ask for Patrick or Adam. I am going to try and write a sheet of rules up tonight so my staff can answer questions too but I don’t want you to be given wrong info by my staff.


Just a reminder, less than two weeks away. I hope to see everyone there.