SF4 Tourney in DC


Fast Eddies in DC is hosting a SF4 tourney, which was organized by “The Shockgamers.” The SG’s is a local guy in VA who puts on various tournaments in SF4, Madden, Punch Out, Halo etc. His base of operation is Fast Eddies in DC. It’s located on 1528 K st, NW DC. The tournament will be on Oct. 3rd(10/3) starting at 9 pm. It’s 21 and over since it’s connected to a strip club. The entry fee is 20 bucks, the payout for 1st prize is 300 cash. Second place is 100 cash. It’s a fun place to be, a good atmosphere, and the competition isn’t the best. So come down and pretty much win 300 bucks. Just email shockgamersradio@gmail.com to register. Remember, you must be 21 to get in. I hope i see you there, cause i’m coming to win. Over out.



Less than 10 players have signed up all together. We would like at least 20 players to come out and participate. We want to continue to put events, but cant if no one shows up. So if not for the games, come for the cheaps drinks and food, the females, cause they will be naked, and for the pure fun. Im sure you wont get anything like this in the city or outside of it. If so, u can slap me face and step on my shoe. promise.lol. Peace.


dang i would go but im only 18


Man I might have to give this a shot titties and sf4 match made in heaven.


whats the entry fee for the strip club?

I might come but won’t enter SF4. I love games and strippers at the same location.


games + strippers!!! gdlk