SF4 tourney in Trumbull, CT


Greetings all…
Since I cant post in the SF4 forum Ill post this here and hopefully someone can port it over to that forum.
Saturday March 28 Trumbull Mall Gamestop, Im hosting a Street Fighter 4 tournament. Free to sign up.
Again Saturday March 28 at 12pm Trumbull Mall Gamestop (by american eagle), Sign up early

Any Questions
Call 203-372-7638
ask for Justin

360 gamertag: Mayor McJustin
PSN: TheJustin16

See you there if you can make it


it shouldn’t be in the SFIV forum because not only is there a tournament subforum but there’s also the atlantic north regional subforum.




thank you for moving it to the right spot


hey I’ll look you up tonight on xbox, but I’d definitely be game for that. And it’s this weekend!! exciting