SF4 Tourney Jersey City NJ 8/21/09

All the info is in the link below
I am not running this Tournament just helping spread the word. there were about 20 people at the last one and i want to get more people there. It’s a cool place to hang and the crowd is good. Hope to see you there


Please Read Please Read Important Notice

Just got off the phone with The Espot

The pay outs have been officially Changed. They are now as follows


(ie: if 10 people sign up. That’s $100 in the pot. 1st place gets $70. 2nd gets $20 and 3rd place gets $10)

So the more people that show up more money in the pot. So get all your friends to come

Read Carefully

$05 House Fee (Goes to the house to pay the rent)
$10 Tournament Fee (This is what goes into the pot for the winners)

So bring $15 in total if you want to participate

Sign ups/warm ups start at 5pm
First Round of fights starts at 7pm sharp

The Tournament:
On Xbox 360’s
Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3

anyone that signs up after 7pm automatically starts in the 1st round of the Losers Bracket. If Loser’s First round is over you are assed out

Let’s try to make this a Big Thing. We want to make this to tourney that everyone wants to be at.

please visit http://theespot.com for more info.

If you have any questions feel free to call them up. Ask for Frank, Ed, or Mike. all really cool peeps.

Hope to see you there

P.S. Tell them Omar sent you

ill try to make it to this. and i’ll link it to the NJ thread

im there

I just signed up and I got another 3 of my friends joining. Thx for the XBL email Ohmz!

Its gone be some slow singin and flower bringin when i get there

u a funny guy rellmane

Rellmane, about time you get off that mystic hermit island of yours.

Anyone going to this feel free to add me on xbl so i can see what kind of ass whooping i’m gonna get

im gonna get so rocked…

FR sent!

make sure u all register on the site

called outside? get familiar wit it punk ass…Ima slam you on your console of choice if you knock me out the tournament :rofl:

i hope project rell and i dont fight eachtother in the first round it would be horrible for me to eliminate them so quickly

Its about time the Wizard granted you some heart.:rofl:

u guys r funny

rellmane you gonna let project talk to you like that

Guess you are still a bitch Rellmane, you havent even registered. Stay on fantasy island! :lol:

lol you guys are a riot. btw don’t be discouraged by the numbers on the registration page. most of the entrants are walk ups. this is the first time they used that new system. if alot of people show up we can convince them to have an MvC2 Tourney…or HD remix even…anyways hit me up on xbl i need practice

yeah im going to this i was just talking to frank and mike the owners to really get a weekly thing going up here. hopefully this gets to be a good turnout

Its cause we are all friends in real life. We love to talk shit.:rofl: