SF4 Tourney, Shadowbrooke Games January 10, 2010 Concord

Where: Shadowbrooke Games, 1800 Monument Blvd #M, concord CA.

When: January 10, 2010 Sunday

What: Street Fighter 4, Double Elimination, 2/3 rounds.

Time: Signs up are at 12:00pm and tourney will start at 1:00 pm.

Consoles:Will be played on both xbox and ps3. Please bring your own sticks and controllers.

Fees: $12 Entrance Fee. $10 to pot and $2 to venue.

Payout: 70/20/10

Stream will be done by iplaywinner.

Please everyone help us make this something decent so we can have more of these every week. Hope to see everyone there. Please also post up and let us know if you are coming for sure, so we can have some what of a head count as to how many people are coming.

Please Sticky.

+1 Interest

Mike please come!!!

Ok im goin … WOOOOOOOOOOT free money baby!!!

seriously everyone come.

Its not like you got shit to do on Sundays anyway.

perfect, just in time after the uc break started. I’ll try and bring some peeps to this tourney GET READY GET HYPE

Much agreed. I have this sunday off lol. I’m coming to this for sure.

I might go.

i missed last one’s, but fuck im not gonna miss this one

I am only going if I can live stream this event, thx.

Damn, tournaments for days, guys…

Good stuff, keep SFIV going :tup: :tup: :tup:

Prolly coming to this.

will be there. will there be internets at the joint? would love to stream dis bitch with thx and haunts

I’m game.
Haven’t been to a tourney in a while

A good way to end my finals week.

This place does have internet. So please come and stream this shit, and blow this place up. Please tell all your friends to come to this also.

I will be there streaming, thanks.

Mike bring everyone from Davis. Especially celebrity youtube cammy.

I’ll go to foil Ryan’s plans. :slight_smile: Hi, Ryan!


see there man.

i’ll be changing my name to youtube cody when super comes out.