SF4 Tourney @ The E Spot JC, NJ 9/25/09

Street Fighter 4 Tournament
The Friday Night Main Event

The E spot**
Internet & Gaming Center
445 Central Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 763-6685

September 25, 2009


$10/Tournament Fee (prize pot)
$5/Person Door/Spectator Fee

All Street Fighters are welcomed.

There will be NO refunds provided, once a registration
payment has been made.

Registration & Warm-up Matches: 5:30PM
First Match: 8:00PM Sharp


1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

-Tournament Info.-

Game Play on Xbox 360,
Double Elimination,
Best 2 out of 3 Matches,
99 sec. Matches,
3 Rounds each Match,
Winner’s Final Best 3 out of 5 matches
Grand Finals Best 3 out of 5 matches

All Characters legal
Random Stages,
Winner must stay with their Fighter & Loser has the option to change,
No pausing during a match it would cost you the round,
Winner of the Loser’s Bracket must Defeat
Winner of the Winner’s Bracket 2 sets to take it all
Fighters will have 5 min. to show up for their match or be disqualified,

All Fighters must bring their own Wired Controller or Wireless Controller with Plug n? Play. Arcade Sticks welcome.
There will be no equipment available to borrow or rent.


Seth Rule.

THis NO Seth rule has got to go. Seth should be selectable. he is in EVERY other major turny. it would be best if you changed this rule please.

Also another rule that has to be set straight is the Winners Finals and Losers final Matches. if they are 2/3 that sux. if you dont change losers final to 3/5 its ok… but the winners final should be 3/5. BUT lemme know if this is changed please and why. all other great turnys have these rules.

Seth should be allowed in the tournament, he isnt that good. Dont change the setup on set matches, I have to work on fridays night. Finals could be 3/5 but the rest is fine being 2/3. Ohmz can you change the starting tournament time 7pm?

I believe there is no Seth because whoever unlocked them was too lazy to do it. But I don’t mind bringing my HDD as my second is Seth.

So why does this tournament have to be the only one where its not best 3/5 in winners and loser final? I wanna hear a good reason lol work for a person is not a great reason to be honest. As a participant in this turny i would wanna run a fair tournament is all…

I mean i have work myself but im not tellng anyone to cut the turny short for that… Its not the espots problem it i hav work… It is however if participants in the turny hav a issue with its. So if you can please change this rule bc is STANDARD in all other great turnys. Its just 1 more match whats the harm?

Hey Guys once again. i am not running the tournament. Just helping the E spot with promoting it. If enough people call and complain about seth i don’t see y they wouldn’t go an unlock them on 20 xbox’s. As far as the rules and start time i have nothing to do with that either. but changing both finals to 3 outta 5 should not be a problem at all. i will call them and see wassup. Once again i am not running the tourney. i am not making any money. just trying to help everyone out.

Ohmz…Wait so if you didnt make the rules are you a kindly enforcer then? if so what can we do about the 3/5 rule in winners and loser final?

Seth is not gonna be selectable cuz they don’t wanna unlock him on all 20 xbox’s. if you wanna help out i’m sure espot won’t mind if guys sit there and unlock seth for them. And please go back and read the rules it says the grand finals are 3 outta 5

Love and Happiness to all. I hope to see all you guys there again. Maaaaad Skillz were displayed at the last one. And i learned quite alot from all of you

Yea there a lot of Xboxes that require someone to unlock Seth. Wont be me lol.

I wouldn’t care too much, but I’m not paying per hour to do them a favor.

Yo Ed, if you’re reading this thread dude, I’ll take time to unlock them. Gives me free practice with every character while at the same time ensuring that Seth is a viable pick should I feel it necessary to use him. Let me know


Nah they can’t make you pay to do them a favor. F dat! I’m sure they’ll be more than happy if you unlock him for them

LOL…i like that “The Kindly Enforcer” i should change my SN to that.

We can discuss it with them before the tourney starts i guess. i don’t think it’ll be a problem.

So let me get this clear…

you guys want

winner’s final 3 outta 5
Loser’s final 3 outta 5
Grand Finals 3 outta 5

That sounds cool. i’ll ask ed and frank to see if it’s cool

ii we got this the final for winners will be best 3out of 5
and seth will be unlock katastroph3 thanks man if u can it would be great man just call us b4 hand… Kira shut the fu(k up nigga u talkin smack just playin bro we got finals would be 3/5 ii man but u madd cuz u pick Sagat on him son should’ve stood with Guile that shit would have been on youtube top 1 son see all you guys n thanks to every1 that showed up for the Mini on Tues…

Now were going to have it on Friday team 2v2 get ready

whats up man this is alexis if you want me to help unlock seth on the systems i could do it for you really fast let me know when.

yep i can bring my hardrive and was good with some HDR CASUALS!!! or KOF we needa get this ball going…

Cool, this is coming together quite nicely. Looking forward to the next causals with you guys.

Rep it up PJ!

ii sounds good lets get the word out guysss thanks to all you guys thats getting it out there… & Pat called me n said you guys gotta get your game up damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol

ALEXIS NO DOUBT BRO i’ll give u call bro ez guys yooooo KiIRA WERE U AT SONNNN LOL