SF4 Tourny, possible prizes

Well my idea is a SF4 tourny ran as usual but with prizes for top 3 places. I usually give out stuff everyonce in a while but I figured lets try something with paypal. If I do a 32 man bracket and charge a 2-3 dollar sign up that is 64-96 dollars towards prizes for first 3 places, or a 16 man bracket with the same charge would be 32-48 bucks for prizes. Now I know most people dont do anything online with money and these forums (hell that one guy raising money for that funeral was getting flamed), but I figured I would throw the idea out to everyone and naturally if anyting wrong happened I would get banned (which it wouldn’t).

If you are interested let me know, if not it’s cool. I am good for it and I did the Secret Santa last year (cost me around 150) so everything would go legit. Since we would be dealing with money it would be held on the day of the entrants wishing (as long as I can run it). If everyoe wants to do a buck instead as a trial run we can do that also.

I’m just trying to make the whole online thing closer to being like a actual tourny, since everyone is gonna show, play harder, etc when money is involved (regardless of the amount). One to three bucks isn’t gonna hurt anyone’s wallet also. Only downfall is you WILL need to have paypal to participate, no exceptions. Many people on the forums know me and that if this goes down everything would go smoothly. Further more I will take screen shots of when I but the prizes online and ship, to kill the idea that I would be buying cheap crap and keeping the extra cash. If the pot is 96 bucks I’ll spend damn near that or over and pay a couple bucks out my pocket, no a big deal.

Holla at me.:nunchuck:

If no one is interested, we will just continue tournies as usual. This isn’t just a SF4 thing either, HD Remix can have these as well.

No money + teams would be perfect.

Online is never arcade perfect, so it’s not really appropriate to put money on the line with some things factoring in. There’s no need to make it as arcade realistic as possible, that’s what offline play is for. Online should just be online, because that’s what it will always be lol.

But I mean, if the majority vote wants money…then they can have at it, but I won’t risk shady shit with players/shitty connection matches for a penny, might as well make it free.

yeah online with money is not a good idea, but $2 or 3 is not too bad. everyone should have $2. maybe we can have a 3 players team + world cup style Tourny.

And don’t need to finish it in one day.