Sf4 true kara demon tut

TKD. has been around for a while (3rd strike)

Heres a vid giving info on the new TKD. With frame data and the new input time(just slight difference, og’s can still perform easily)

Forward MP (LP LP) , Downfoward LK , HP
Wrath of Raging kara hasnt been confirmed yet, Due to start up time and its priorty. I will need more time
Forward MP (LP LP) , Downback LK , HP



Hand motions can be referred from harmonaz tut.


I will try to answer questions on youtube and on srk


That’s been known on these boards for awhile, plus the ultra is confirmed as a possible kara (although still jumpable), and there are faster ways of doing it than what you are using due to the relaxed sf4 inputs.

f+LP+MP, LP, d/f+LK+HP

I gave the method a mention , but didn’t get into detail.

I was reading the "Kara info " thread.People just wanted to see a sf4 akuma do it. Even though the SF3S tuts are similar… Puzzles me

i just want to know if its practical

Kara has it’s uses. It’s not as big a deal as it was in 3s though.

Super is still inescapable on reaction, and 330 dmg is nothing to sneeze at.

Ultra kara is useful when punishing really laggy stuff if you want to be sure you don’t accidentally jab them out of recovery.

is the overhead the only move you can use to kara? or is there another move with more startup frames?

Overhead gives you the largest window.

Given the mechanics of the move, you could theoretically kara any normal that you could fit the inputs into, there aren’t any restrictions on what normals can be demon cancelled.

If you still need a larger window, you can buffer the inputs into a forward dash, but this is really a poor man’s kara.

Why do a Kara?
Someone said the super is inescapable.
How does that work?

Is it basically a glitch that makes the opponent unable to jump?

Yea cuz Akuma super is a 0 frame grab and, the Overhead moves Akuma forward while he is executing the super. If done right your opponent cant do anything about it.

Its Executed by using:

Forward LP-MP…LP
then, Forward LK-HP (all together)