SF4 TV piece, let me interview you by Jan27th!


Alright SF4 gurus and gamers, I need you voice for my new video journalism piece!

We all know sf4 is a milestone in video game history… I need you to tell me why?

I need video interviews on questions such as…

What makes SF4 so special?
What has brought you from the couch to the arcade?
What is is it about head-to-head combat in the arcade that brings you to play street fighter?

This piece has interest on a network television show, but first I need your voice!!

Meet me at GAMEWORKS or TACOMA to talk and play…

I have a deadline and need to complete this assignment by jan 27th

hsojohnson@gmail.com :rofl:


Post up a time, and I bet you will definitely get plenty of people who are willing to come help out.


^-- excellent idea


Is this face to face, or can you email us this ish? I would hella email you back with the most beastly answers ever.


I am dowb for this, let me know when to meet up and do this.


If you can, you should interview RayBladeX for this…

I have no idea where hes going to be (or not going to be) between now and your deadline. but it would do your piece some good.


We had the interview today and it was tight. Frank, Mickey, and I made it out. It was a pretty fun experience. I think it’ll be the first time I was ever on tv hahah. Funny thing was, we changed interview spots, like 4x during that interview due to noise and people gettin buck around us.

If you see this, thanks a lot Josh. This is Mandel.


Alright, the piece is up on seattleiam.com

CLICK HERE http://www.seattleiam.com/videos/3eb506411f12
thanks a lot guys, I coudn’t ave done it without you!


Cool video- well done.