SF4 Ultra PS4 netcode

I am horrible at the game but have played it consistently since launch. I live very close to New York and most of my Xbox 360 matches were great until ultra hit then more lag and the new lag pause message showed up and there were more laggy matches on XBL. Then I got a PS4 and the prompt rarely shows to pause the game but the lag is way much worse in almost half of the games. Played a bit of SF5 on PS4 and the lag was not bad at all until the PS4-to-PC x-over then was stupid laggy during some matches, assuming crossover ones.

IDK, my modem and router are top tier along with the network. But the contrast between older sf4 xbox and ultra sf4 xbox and then ps4 is crazy. Another odd thing is I play people from California with 0-1 frame lag but some matches locally in New York are 5-10 frame lag now. (I do realize more people on PS4 use wireless like PS3, which adds lag)

I opened everything on my end so am just furious as an old game should get better.

My friends stopped playing so is it just me as I wouldn’t know and read nothing about it but SF5 played well until the PC x-over.

I play on Xbox 360, PC and PS4.

I got really good internet (150 MB up AND down), I have a custom router I built myself thats like a mini computer ect. I don’t have any wireless devices on my network while I play games.

I connect my consoles and my PC via Ethernet to my router with the correct ports open.

PS4 lags the most and is completely unplayable imo. even green bars have huge input lag, it seems like everyone is A) playing via wireless adapter, B) Livestreaming to twitch.tv while playing with their shit upload speed, C) Streaming Pandora Radio or Spotify and/or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE AT THE SAME TIME.

I honestly regret investing so much money into the PS4 platform. Bought a PS4, PS4 VLX (which has bad input lag), 2 games, PS4 Gold Headset, Brook PS3 to PS4 adapter, ect ect.

I shouldve built a new PC from the start, some games I’m looking forward to are hitting PC along with SFV, some Shumups and other Fighting Games aswell.

Might sell off my PS4 stuff, I’m not a tourny player and I play for fun online only.