SF4 Unblockables


Ok so i’ve been seeing alot of unblockable videos surfacing. From what i can tell, and i could be wrong, they all seem to be projectile characters. That being said, i’m curious as to how these are unblockable, i mean technically. Am i correct in assuming that these projectile->ultra’s are unblockable on wake up due to the projectile landing on the other side of the character, thus crossing them up? The way it looks is this

p1 throws projectile right before p2 rises
p2 begins rise, p1 ultras
projectile is timed such that it crosses over and hits opponent in back, but they can’t crossup block as p1 is actually still infront of them
p1 ultras

is this what’s happening or is it just a combonation glitch where the fireball is thrown and you do the ultra before wakeup because of the animation freeze during the ultra startup?



Problem with that theory is that regardless of whether the fireball is a “crossup” or not, you always block away from your opponent. ie, if Dhalsim uses his ultra, and teleports behind you, you block away from him, even if the ultra is now behind you. Try it out if you don’t understand what I’m saying.


You can check ongoing thread here for more information. Those quotes at eventhubs were all pouched from the SRK thread. I might add, without giving a source citation (as usual for them).