SF4 Underground $500 - Tampa/Brandon - 9/12


National tournament is 32 players. NOT 16*

Play N Trade Brandon would like to invite you the the SF4 Underground Tournament. This is a two day tournament with a local run qualifier tournament held on Saturday September 12 and the national 32 man $500 store credit to win held online the next day the 13th. The top TWO players from the local tournament qualify for the national tournament.

The Nation 32 Man Throw Down:

Xbox 360


  • BYOC
  • Best 2 out of 3 single elimination, 3 out of 5 semi and grand finals.
  • Winner must keep same character, loser my pick a new character.
  • No banned characters
  • Host will be determined by coin flip.

1st - $500 store credit
2nd - A Nintendo Wii gaming system. (TvC wink wink)
3rd - A mystery prize from one of the sponsors

The Local Qualifier Tournament:

September 12, @ 2PM.


Xbox 360


  • BYOC
  • Best 2 out of 3 double elimination, 3 out of 5 grand finals.
  • Winner must keep same character, loser my pick a new character.
  • No banned characters

1st - %50 of entries fees in store credit.
2nd & 3rd - Dependent upon number of entries.

If you have any questions Play N Trade Brandon Crossroads can be reached at 813-315-9895.

2030 Badlands Drive, , Brandon
Florida, 33511, United States of America
Off Lumsden Drive on Providence - near Old Chicago Pizza


Sounds good.

Hopefully we get a good turn out for this.


Sounds fun, and if in the very off chance I win, I’ll have the ability to pay for a lot of old games I’ve been eyeing.


That’s a hell of a drive Rou. :rofl:




For those who frequent our monthly Tuesday tournaments. This month’s Tuesday tournament is moved to the Qualifier. To clarify, there is no Tuesday tournament this month. Instead we’ll be having the Qualifier tournament.


Damn this Big, You know me and Eric will be there.


by chance would anyone have a stick i could borrow?


No You have to use a 360 controller!

That way we may have a chance of beating you this time around :rofl:


Wow. Nice guys. Can’t wait. For anyone wondering, these guys run a good tourney. i’ve been to several. sorry ive missed the last 2. the last one i was at Ron took first and there was an epic turnout. what went down since ive been gone?

Edit: borrowing a stick shouldnt be a problem. you could use mine if noone lets you use their madcatz tourney stick for some mean reason. mine has a layout similar to the oldschool sf arcade layout except thebottom row is offset slightly to the left for slightly more ergonamic comfyness. just slightly to the left though so its virtualy the same shit as the oldschool layouts. everyone thats played on it says it feels really nice. the stick is a sanwa jlf with a bat top with an 8-way octo gate and the buttons are seimitsus.


So your saying that only 16 people can enter the tournament in total


Cool, thanks!

Not used to the 8 way gate and ball top but i don’t really care, and besides~ beggars cant be choosers.

Im in between jobs right now but i think im going to buy 2 TE sticks, 1 per system. Even though i already have one for ps3 that’s quite nice. Ill just let people borrow it at other tourneys.

No, its a bunch of different PnTs competeing.
This is just the qualifier, the winner is representing that store.
So whoever wins at ours, will go to fight the other winners from other stores…online.


OP updated.

Changes: Nation online tournament is 32 players not 16. Sorry about the mistake. There is no entry fee for the nation tournament. The top TWO players are qualified for the national tournament.


This thing is generating interest. Hopefully that translates into players at the tournament.


Im spreading the word.


Bob and Eric both coming?


BUMP, only a few days away


Is this the only Florida qualifier? Is the national on the same day?


I just may try and make it out this weekend.