SF4 — Video Tutorial Series That Teaches You How To Actually Play

Hi, I am new to SF4 and fighting games in general. I have looked over the various guides posted around here but they all seem to be lacking in what I see to be a crucial aspect.

The guides and video tutorials seem to focus on either theory, mechanics, or both. None of them, however, give any sort of roadmap for newbies to actually start playing the game. What I am looking for is something similar to filtersc’s Starcraft II Bronze to Masters video tutorials. For those that haven’t heard of it, those videos tell new players what to do and give practice challenges (benchmarks) to meet after each video.

Basically, information on how to actually play is given incrementally in each video, building from basics towards advanced techniques. I’m sorry if I missed this in one of the guides, but does anything like this exist for SF4?

Vesper Arcade seems to fit the bill

Agreed. Pretty much Vesper is the only one you need.

I know what you mean, you’re looking for a video series that will actually let you jump right in to playing the game, and teach you as you play. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything like that, and it would be very difficult to do for fighting games because the videos would have to be character-specific, and they can’t really address the skill level of the person you’re playing against.

Instead, what you should do is spend some hours in training mode learning your character’s normal and special moves, basic combos, and then make your own goals when you play. Like…“this match I’m going to do nothing but block and punish” (if your opponent is bad), “this match I’m going to make sure to AA with my c.HP every time he jumps on me”, “this match I’m going to confirm all of my s.MK’s”, whatever. You have to challenge yourself if you want to learn fighting games, it’s not something that can easily be taught.