Sf4 wake-up system

i’m not going to lie: i suck at wake-up games. it’s by-far the weakest part of my game and i’m completely lost on the exact mechanics of how it works. here are some things i’m lost on:

-ryu vs. ryu, i’m otg (on the ground). my opponent does a meaty c.mk and i srk. his c.mk beats my srk. i try to mimic the same thing and i get beat by srk. will meaty attacks always beat wake-ups?

-same match-up. i’m otg. my opponent does a srk, i do srk, i get beat. i try to mimic the same thing when he’s otg and i get beat.

-i’m ryu and my opponent is dictator. he hits me into a combo and finishes with scissor kicks. i tech otg and see him in the air. i do srk and his j.fp beats my srk, and it seems my srk never even came out.

-opponent is otg. i walk up to throw and my opponent dashes back. my throw whiffs. again, i try the same tactic against him and i get thrown.

-i walk up to opponent to throw and my throw gets beaten by a c.jab into a combo.

am i just too slow with my inputs and therefore getting beat? it seems like every time i try to do anything that’s involving otg, i’m on the losing side, and i cannot for the life of me figure it out. any help would be appreciated.

But… you’re in Japan.

It’d be easier to see a video of you getting beat but chances are you didn’t do the shoryuken fast enough while otg. I always get beat by wake-up shoryukens and I always beat the other guy with wake-up shoryukens as long as he’s not blocking. Same with Guile’s flashkick and c.viper’s fierce TK.

You’re too slow/bad timing on your inputs

If the reversal indicator doesn’t pop up when you SRK then you’re doing it wrong.

Your srk must not be a reversal if it’s losing to a meaty mk.

Wakeup games are purely rock, paper, scissors.

Attacker - Grounded

Throw > guard
Throw > normals
Throw <> throw
Throw <> backdash
Throw < reversal

Meaty overhead > throw
Meaty overhead > crouch guard
Meaty overhead < reversal

Guard > reversal
Guard < throw

etc. etc.

yea, no kidding. why do you think i’m having a hard time? :rofl:

the guys i play against aren’t push-overs.

I believe there is actually some moves that when done perfectly will beat ryus reversal lp srk from the floor. Ken can do meaty srk on a grounded ryu and when you try to reversal lp srk you will get beat by kens elbow and i believe cammy can do the same thing but I’m sure the timing is very strict.

Cross-up j.lk also beats lp srk which I’m sure you know about.
Like everyone else I think your problem is definitely timing your reversal attack.

I don’t think SRK’ing a waking opponent is really a good idea, Ken’s SRK has more invincibility frames though doesn’t it? Also, I don’t see why you’d lp SRK reversal on wakeup.

trade into ultra.

Sometimes it is just the right thing to do, you just need to train your opponent for it to work. Also using lp srk on reversal is a lot more safe. If you whiff hp srk you will eat more damage usually than if you whiff lp srk.

If you’re getting beat by a cMK when you do a SRK, you did it too late… unless it completely whiffed that is. Use the HP version, it has more invincibility and more margin for error but it’s also easier to punish on block.

Same thing in the SRK vs SRK war

You’re not dashing fast enough or the person timed the throw to hit on your first active frame. I believe you are vulnerable at the very beginning of a backdash.

You should try blocking on your wake up.

My biggest wakeup problem is getting caught with wakeup ultras. I lost count of how many times I’ve had a brainfart and tried to meaty c.mk an opponent with an ultra stored up. I can’t help it, I just get greedy I think. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You the same Tribal that used to/still plays Tekken?

Most wake-up options are completely neutered by just backdashing when not in corner. Ryu’s active frames on his c.mk will not stay out long enough to prevent you from completely avoiding it with backdashes 8 frames of invulnerability. If your SRK’s are losing to jump-ins, they’re spaced to hit you as a cross-up. Most srk’s are only lower body invincibility on the side facing your opponent.

And cammy’s cannon spike has a ridiculous amount of invulnerability it feels like so don’t try to challenge her wake-up too much cause she can fadc ultra just like ryu. In reality, cammy just has more full body invincibility on cannon strike meaning her hitbox is hitting your upper-body before she goes vulnerable. Or she just spiked you after the SRK meaning the person who goes second usually wins.

There is an option select for backdashers. Option select by cr.lp, cr.lp~cr.hk, cr.lp on wakeup. It works for Bison and Gief. I believe it works for a lot of the SF4 cast.

this is mostly what i do seeing as how the results of doing anything else have been so bad.

devil jin 01: of course, i mean, isn’t there only one?

i normally block on wake up. or back dash. those are you two best options.

need to delay everything. doing all reversals at the last possible moment.

Go to training mode and work on your reversals. c.mk should never beat a reversal srk.

Not only is srking a downed opponent a bad idea, if you know it’s coming, block and punish.

You probably put it in too slow. You should definently work on your inputs.

Again, I’d say you put in your dash too late.

c.jab, the majority of the time will beat out a throw, unless of course, they mashed it out too late.


At tribal:

OTG means Off The Ground. It refers to hitting someone while they are on the ground, when you really shouldn’t be able to. It’s a glitch that is present in some SF games (most notably Alpha 3), but not SF4 as far as I know.

To answer most of your questions, if you attempted an srk and didn’t see the reversal message, it’s possible your uppercut never started because you got hit before you finished the command. If you DID see the reversal message, maybe you messed up the motion and got the fireball instead of dragon punch. There is no way a crouching MK can beat an srk clean.