SF4 WAY to lenient on commands

Ok so after watching the evo stream this weekend I got interested in playing SF4, so I go out and buy the game. I start up and on my VERY first play through (picked ryu, i know i know) I’m getting ALL kinds of moves I don’t want. Since when did walk foward hadoken turn into a shoryuken? This is a big part of my game with ryu/sagat (fast fireballs) to setup the right distance for the trap! A little later I have a friendly online match and every time I bait out a throw attempt on wake up and try to punish with walk up shoryuken I keep getting super!!! Wow the input window on specials and supers is SSOO long now, does capcom feel that only scrubs play this game now? Honestly coming from SSF2T to this game is like night and day!

PS - The one thing that is nice about this longer input window is that it makes Zangief HELLA easy to play! I was NEVER good with 360s or 720s but on my first attempt I was able to walking 360! After a little practice walking 360s are just as simple now as a tiger knee used to be and 720s out of block stun is FREE!!! I may have to switch to Zangief!

you have to be sure to move it back to the neutral position before you input the fireball motion.

i’ve had this issue as well. i wish they would turn off these ‘shortcut’ type of commands.

as balrog, i throw out dash punches on accident when i go to do throws sometimes after blocking for a while. i’ve lost because of this.

and if you are using a pad, i feel for you, because this stuff is more common on a pad than a joystick.

since always.


I think this happens in ST and 3S as well.

Learn and adapt.
By the way, though consistent specials execution is now available to most, there are plenty of leet stuff and links that you can do in this game to prove your leetness.

press downback mK, then cancel into fireball. no need to put the youstick into a neutral position. ok, it works to but i think its easyer with downback mK.really easy when you know it.
and the window for inputs…well… that’s the thing that really sucks in this game. i’m so afraid of wake up dp’s or wake up ultras that i only jump on a knocked down enemy with cross ups or safe jump ins. SF 2 was way more better with the wake up moves. ok, you needed more skill (timing) for it but the easy inputs and windows in SF IV turns the game really into a easy mode.

I never got into 3S but I’ve NEVER had this sort of problem in ST before, as I play that game OFTEN.

EDIT: The easiest way i got this to work was by doing hcf instead of qcf for the hadoken … i guess the lenient input window can work to my advantage (to correct itself!)

yeah, forward down forward is kinda the command for SRK >_> Regardless if it’s a walk or not. The controls in this game are pretty sensitive, you’ll either have to get used to it and adapt or keep blaming your losses on the fact that you can’t execute.

story of my life.

wait until your cross-ups become obsolete in this game and you get srk’d out of everyone of them (those are my favorite).

Wrong! Shoryuken is F,D,DF… F, D, DF, F should get you a hadoken NOT a Shoryuken! Go and try it on SSFT2!

Umm this is not an execution problem (it’s a timing issue), the input window for special moves has been increased significantly. I assume many of the people that posted here do not play any of the older SF2 games where execution (very strict inputs) is really required. This version of SF4 requires very little execution compared to older versions!

Why do you come here to tell people they are wrong? Hes not wrong.


when the game came out there where billions of threads about this do a search next time man

:dp:< dp motion or (sf4 :df::df:)

:qcf:< fireball

:r:,:qcf: < walking fireball

my point is that sf4’s command inputs are too lenient … thought that was pretty obvious.

I understand that they wanted to make it easier for the broad market, I just think they over did it! If the broad market wants to play why not give them EO mode or something like that? That way the real sf players won’t have their timing all mixed up depending upon which game they are playing. I mean honestly, after the hype dies down who is actually going to be playing this game? The n00b who can’t shoryuken or the die hard fans that have been able to shoryuken since sf2?

i know man i hate it too capcoms got to get paid man thats why

you can still get out all the combos whith a bit of practice OGs will be pissed because the shortcuts screw up combos…

took ma a long time man

high level play is very possible still man (evo) so stick w/it man its worth it

hehe, when i first started playing the original street fighter 2, my friend and i did not know how to do any of the moves.
i dumped quarter after quarter into that machine until i discovered that "dragon punch is definitely executed by walking forward and then quickly shooting!"
lol, i could only do guile’s sonic boom at the beginning of a round.
i didnt know about charging or that i was unknowingly charging while waiting for the round to start.
“i know it is back to forward + punch, but i can only get it to work at the start of the round!”

The lenient input system is the main reason why I’ve lost interest in Street Fighter 4. Everytime I watch a live stream of Street Fighter 4 it gets me hyped and then I later fire up SF4 only to be frustrated by accidental SRKs. It feels like im having to battle myself instead of my opponent.

I rather have nothing come out when I attempt a fireball then have an accidental SRK.

Maybe my stick is just worn out or something I dont know.

From what I’ve heard, people will TK (:r:, :d::df::r::uf:+:p:) to do walking projectiles and avoid getting an SRK.

Ken and Sagat also have moves that can be kara cancelled into a fireball to achieve a similar effect.

dc guru, it’s a new game so yeah, you can’t do walk forward slightly -> hadouken anymore. Just take that out of your gameplay.

Also, you don’t need to walk up to shoryuken punish a baited throw cuz shoryuken’s got decent horizontal range in SF4. Plus walk speed is slow anyways.

So how do you know you’re not inputting :r::d::df:+:p: ?

Yeah, I decided to quit after I was screwing around with Seth and got both an srk and an spd off of one input + negative edge. Kinda want to start playing again after watching Evo Finals though.