SF4: What Happened here?!?!

So I was fighting a Balrog online while using Akuma. Start of the match I start attacking, he doesn’t do anything except jump away. For over a minute he does this and since I suck at playing Tag Fighter I only get him to 30% when the timer is at 30. I admit though I was jumping around too because I figured he wasn’t going to attack, then, as I’m about to land the killing blow, he does a turn around punch and TAKES OFF 60% MY HEALTH IN ONE HIT! Then hit me with an ultra to kill me.

What the hell was that? How did he make his move do so much damage, I’m tempted to say HAX but there must be an explanation.

turn around punch does more damage when u hold it in
he probably hit u with a 5

Maybe he charged it for really long. Akuma has low stamina also.

Turnaround Punch shenanigans.


You have to hold down 3 kick or punch buttons for 55 seconds to make it do full damage.

You got ownd xDD
Yeah, ST increases the Timer first by 2 sec for each special move you do, then by 1, too bad this doesnt happen in sf4,
On ST you start, do a headbutt and boom, lvl3 turn punch!

SF4 you gotta wait a shit load of time charging to do Full Damage =(, but it’s not a good strategy because anyway can jump or evade it, too bad he got you there.

Well, good thing it didn’t counter hit. Would probably have taken off 80-90% in one shot. Ouch.

hahahahahaahaha you got hit by a fully charged slow ass turn around punch

I see now, I tested it on training mode and it really isn’t HAX. Well shit, thats awesome.

I’m going to try and win matches by charging for 30 seconds and comboing it into an ultra. IT will work if I use my flowchart ken knowledge of jumping back, but it will take practice.

Didn’t know about this, I have a new hobby now.

You can’t combo TAP into Ultra unless you happen to hit someone out of the air with it.

I have never ever heard of this, and I used to play ST Rog quite a lot. If this were true, you’d only need to do like seven special moves to use a final. That would be ridiculous.

The example you give sounds more like: You charge TAP as soon as the stage loads, “round 1, fight!” sounds, by now you’ve charged up to 2 already, then you do the headbutt, land and by that time you’ve charged up to 3.


no disrepect dude, if you didn’t know you didn’t know but damn I have mad respect for that Rog for catching someone with a final TAP :rofl:

Maaan, that’s crazy. I wouldn’t even be mad if that happened to me. I’d just be like…wow

Make sure you dont get hit by a fully charged TAP, ever, again. :rofl:

I wish you could focus attack while charging TAP, because it would add a lot more use, plus it will always combo into ultra. But if you start charging a TAP right after you start charging a FA and you hit them with a level 3, you can stand there (don’t dash after0, wait for them to crumble a little, and then release a level 1 TAP that will juggle into ultra. It makes a awesome looking finisher after you stun someone.

Tap win lol

Yes I got owned, looking back it is kinda funny. I just beat a seth spamming sonic booms and teleporting>piledriver by running away the whole match then ultra haha.

Was this on XBL by any chance? My buddy was telling me the other day how he landed a Final TAP on another player. Just wondering.

If it helps, the guy messaged him and asked why he was cheating, but my friend sent him a message telling him TAP can be charged and it does more damage the longer you charge it.

Dude messaged back and said he was sorry for doubting him :lol:

Sounds to me like he tapped that ass. :cool: