[SF4]: why are throw characters such a bad match up for me?

Every time i play (online and even in arcade) command throw
character such as Zangief,Abel and El furete can ko me in a
matter of seconds my getting in close and using command throws.
Is there any way to “tech” or dodge these moves?
Specifically zangief: spinning piledriver on wakeup
abel: anti-air throw aganist akuma, marseles roll to tornado throw on wake up
El furete: anti air throw against akuma

This has all been answered a million times [BD/Jump/Invincible Reversal] and for AA throws you’re outta luck if you’re the air - just don’t be there. I think a thing people OUGHTA be asking is how I get out of these situations and for these chars, except fuerte whose slightly different, is to recognize it as the mixup it is. The tricky point about Cmd throw based chars[Abel/Gief/Hawk/Makoto to a slightly lesser extent Yun/Yang much lesser than that Fei] is that you CANNOT escape both actions at once. They either tag you with a hit or a they get you with the throw. Generally that hit or throw will put you in the same position so correct reads are INTEGRAL to getting out of the mixup hell.

Since the Cmd Throw is the generally more punishable of the two options[straight jump escapes will let you land BEEFY combos on all of them] most people who aren’t me will go for the normals pressure options usually, but look for certain common setups. Cr. Jab[x2 or so is still possible for Gief] Cmd Throw. Jump in CT. Dash CT. The 4 chars mentioned above have a few gimmicks they can use to land them as well. Gief has the most range LSPD being straight up massive now honestly useful as an actual footsie tool now and sets up yee old mixup hell. T Hawk has great range and a few unorthodox approaches. Abel has step kick allowing him to advance quite well as well as do MASSIVE dmg on a hit. He also has insanely fast mix ups out of FADC combos which let him end matches in a hurry. Makoto has EX karakusa which has the most dmg potential and because of its armor and relatively slow startup can grab you out of certain things other chars wouldn’t be able too as well as cancel which when mixed up with no cancels[more plus frames] induces more than a bit of panic in a person.

Obviously the whole goal is to never get in these situations to begin with, so its time to brush up those footsies and anti-airs. The slower grapplers tend to be longer ranged, but have slower moves. Gief’s S.MP is a problem move so try to figure out your chars answer to it, it has few active frames so you can always try and hit it. The Faster Grapplers will look to try and get into your blindspots and rush right into your guard. Be on the look out for EX punches from Abel and IATs from Makoto[Focus it if you know its coming! Crumple that bitch!] Its unlikely you’ll be able to keep them out forever so look out for the set ups. BD away if they insist on hammering on your guard. If they give you too much space if you have a 3f move try using that to CH them or gain some space as I believe only Mak has a 3f normal and its range sorta. yeah. Also helps if they try to be clever and dash in after your BD.[Quick note: Step Kick can make this kinda painful reminding us all that nuances are important to remember]. Finally, jump up as soon as they reach for your throat then give them a what for. These mix up matches are my favorite because they require rapid fire active participation from both sides.