[SF4] Why do people say C. Viper is a difficult character to use?

I’ve read that she’s execution heavy, but all the Vipers I see just spam the cross up to QCB flame kick thing. It doesn’t sound hard…

Thunder knuckle feints, super jump cancels, her awkward spacing, linking ultras and all sort of different stuff make her far more execution heavy that the other sf4 characters. Watch this video. [media=youtube]v6PDIU2hu1M[/media]

You’re seeing shitty vipers.

Have you tried any of her hard mode trials? With the possible exception of Gen’s fifth one, they are more or less the hardest trials in the game. Most of them are actually viable in match. Plus she has other hard stuff that isn’t in the trials, meterless fdac for example.

Check out Flashmetroid’s viper. You can find vids of him on frame-advantage.com

She’s a difficult character to use at a good/high level. What you described is some random scrub using online tactics.

she’s naked everywhere in the screen. you mess up on your links, your even more naked.

Let me just say that when the game first came out in Japan, learning Crimson Viper was the most horrible fighting game experience of my life. There were no tricks being shown on vids back then except for the b&b EX Seismo->Flame Kick juggle and TK/Seismo Feints, so all I had were comboing into TKs and putting up with her shitty normals. Then all the advanced juggles and combos came out…my execution level wasn’t exactly robot status, and after two months of practicing and wasting my yen(12wins 50losses on my old Viper card…) I just gave up and switched to Boxer…then just quit the game entirely after being bored to death by him.

I didn’t really know what a good viper looked like till I watched Marn play on WNF last week. It was pretty much well explained in the first reply, and is exactly what marn was doing. And is also why I won’t touch Viper.

Lol. I think I got shivers reading these posts.

I still have to try her though. I’m so curious. I’m generally a neurotic/get bored easily kind of person, so I think that if my hands are going all crazy at all times then I could really like her. Of course, it sounds like she’s no joke so I’ll see…

Plus people think she’s this crazy zany super fast Ibuki style character. I mean she does have similarties to a Marvel/Guilty Gear style pixie character but she has one unique thing about her as well. All of her special moves are SLOW AS SHIT. Think of what it would be like if Sagat could super jump and move around really fast though when it came time to do an uppercut or a tiger shot you had to wait 20 frames before it came out. That’s what C.Viper is. Even the closest thing she has to an uppercut HP thunder knuckle, takes 7 frames to release which means you can throw her out of it before it hits and stuff it easily with certain air normals. It also has a very shitty ground based hit box so characters with funny hit boxes like Dictator can just crouch next to her and never have to worry about being hit by her “DP”.

A character with high execution, sub par normal/footsie game and special moves that are very damaging but require extreme ingenuity and placement to use effectively since they all have start up frames that a Ryu c.MK beats more than 3 times over. The reason why her specials are still good is that they cover a lot of screen space so when put in the right place they do work but even EX seismo still takes like 13+frames to execute. The only saving grace being it leads into ultra and covers almost the entire ground space.

do you have any suggestions on how to make my execution better?

do you have any suggestions on how to make my execution better?

We talkin’ 'bout practice.

Seriously though, the only way to improve your execution is to go into Training with C. Viper and practice the combos. Her combos are the hardest to pull off because they require the most precise inputs compared to any other combo / character. So practice

Don’t be like me and practice the combo(s) for like three minutes and then think you’ve already mastered it. 'Cause once you try to go for that combo in a real match, you mess up and then get fucked up.

I started playing Viper about 3 weeks ago and I’m really enjoying her. She is hard to use at first, but it gets easier over time. I thought her Hard Trials were impossible when I first got the game, but now I sometimes use them as a warmup. It took me about maybe 2 hours in Training Mode to figure out the rhythm for FFF combos (still struggling with meterless FADC though). The real challenge though is not the execution, it’s creating opportunities to use them in matches. It’s not like you can just walk up to your opponent and do FFF combos into Ultra. You’ve got to really work for that. And like DevilJin01 said, her specials are so slow. The only way to land them are through mixups (or punishing mistakes), because her footsies are basically useless for creating openings. Plus she’s got low stamina less than average defense. Chars like Honda, Rufus and Zangief can trade blows all day and not break a sweat. Yeah she’s got wicked mixups but one right guess from your opponent can lead to 40% damage.

Still, she’s a great character and worth the effort IMO.

No one in SFIV is hard to use if you have experience in past SF games. Play 3S and you will see hard to use characters.

wow, that was awesome :pray::pray::pray:

Little offtopic here, but is sanford and sanford kelly the same person?

FUCK those trials. Hers and Gen #5 are the only ones I have left (besides Seth, he’s not unlocked still :rofl:).

I can’t even get trial #2. The TKFeint > Ultra. I still don’t know the input you need to do :bluu:

If you can’t do the feint into Ultra, then you can just do Hard Trial 5 after the FA and it’ll work :encore:

Yep, same guy. He plays about half the cast at crazy high level. Dude is a monster.

The way I got it to work was canceling Fierce TK since it cancels the fastest.

i can do her combos but feinting multiple seismos i cant do

Yeah I gave up on completing all the Hard Trials because of Viper.