SF4: X-box Online for the South


Ok, So I wanted to start a thread for the south for players that play sf4 online for x-box. I’m looking for some elite players that are actually good in Sf4 on xbox live. I 'm losing my mind playing scrubs all the time and I feel I’m not getting better… most people are either to scrubby or the players I do play just don’t want to play me anymore b/c they lose all the time… I’m looking for people who are currently not on my friends list who would like to crack it up in Sf4… I need someone to push me to my limits and so far I have only incounted Alex Valle, Rahsaan, Shadyk and like 3 people from my friends list who made me give my all…

Please, if u lose do not delete me from ur friends list b/c I hurt ur pride in Sf4. This has happen at least 3 times already…(Magneto-x know one of them)…:slight_smile:

So again, If u play sf4 on Xbox and u wanted get some crack sessions in please get at me… O and I main Gief by the way… So bring ur worst… Seth,Sagat, Akuma…etc etc…

Vegita-x …aka former Marvel Player


i’ve played u b4. ur gief is good. I think im still on ur FL if not re add me GT: Joser5
I havent played in a couple of weeks but i should be on sometime tomorrow.
Anyone else feel free to add me.


Yeah i remember, I haven’t seen u on there in awhile… get at me tomorrow, I will be online between 8pm-2am…


See u this weekend pat. U done add me DrJoeyhernandez. They call me a marvel legend.


I’m still waiting on the stupid Xbox and a LCD monitor to boot. Plus this college semester isn’t helping me to get better unfortunately.


Hurry up man, I need some sf4 crack sessions ASAP… :karate:


i play on xbox but not very often


yo vegita you can hit me up if you want my tag is right under my ava. i’m always looking for good players to play as well ( otherwise how will any of us get better you know), i main ryu and i’m looking to perfect my sf4 skills.



when i get an xbob ill definetly play you bro saw how you wrecked at red september:wow:


Yo man iam always up for games we don’t have a good zangief over her well in houston l played u a while back.


just hit me up…I 'm always online between 9pm-1am 7 days a week…


anyone else wants to play sf4… I need some more of that crack… send me a message b/c my friends list is currently full…

IFC Zangief


Yo pat if u get a chance lets get some games in again. Finally got my xbox with a copy of the game. My name on xbox live is cmj2303.


Go ahead and add me to if you want…
Im always looking for improvement in my game.


thats cool I’ll hit u up tonight or tomorrow for some games…

IFC Zangief


Sounds good man. Ill be on around 4, and probably late tonight.
Just send the request


I would like to play u in SF4 but u say u feel like your not improving because of scrubs well I would recommend u going to your local arcade unless you don’t have one because XBL isn’t the best place for fighting game competition but it helps you improve your gameplay.


Dude he lives in Louisiana. There’s a player base there but he’s been playing for years and there’s only so much you can do with a newer player base. Plus I don’t think Dibbz counts as an arcade. Online may not be the best but for some people, it’s their only solution.


Actually I’ll rather play online then at Dibbz, much more comp online… I will be online tonight between 9pm-1am…

IFC Zangief


Alright see you then