Sf4 xbox360 fightstick converted for ps3? not dual mod questions


hello, first post here! haha, anyways… im buying an xbox360 sf4 fightstick. basically because its local and its cheap. but im wanting to take out the xbox pcb and install a sixaxis + adaptor for use on my ps3. will that work?? iv found a diagram and it looks really simple to do.

has anyone done this? this isnt a dual mod. its just a xbox360 fightstick turned into a ps3 fightstick.

also has anyone added the led’s so then i can see what controller is in use (ie. controller 1/2/3/4)?

thanx Jay




Hey thanx a lot for the reply. It helps a little and i know i can use the leds. Does anyone have a wire diagram for the leds? Or ps home button? Lmk!



Thanks to yoyu’s post: http://shoryuken.com/f177/official-axisdapter-thread-sixaxis-ds3-hacking-made-easy-only-pack-avail-170294/index36.html#post6794133