SF4AE cammy question...i would like to ask some tips


hi guys can i ask for some tips on how can my cammy beat this situation

well i play SF4AE and my main is cammy. i often use spiral arrow and canon spike and sometimes normals for poking. but i noticed there are some veteran players who kinda knows cammy’s weakness. well i am not sure if this is really her weakness as of now i am still new to the game and i can say i am still not considered a high level player for cammy.

but what do you guys do if your opponent suddenly crouches then holds back to block. and this guy has projectiles (he is ryu, ken etc.) and anti air (shoryuken, flash kick, etc) from what i know the best thing you can do here is to throw him off or hope that he misses and you get an opening and you will be able to hit him.

doing jump kicks is not good i’ll get anti aired if i do that, i think even if i do the canon strike. to throw him off is like a high risk move i might get comboed do death by doing that.

thanks in advance


From what little exp I have as a Cammy alt and playing against Cammy’s:

Spike and Spiral Arrow are among the worst recovering special moves in the game. Doing them outside of a combo/punish (i.e. they get blocked and miss completely) is just asking for trouble. You’re much better off using her normals as pokes.

And yes, against a less experienced Cammy, blocking low/down-back will shut her down unless the Cammy wises up and turns up the rushdown a notch. Learning mixup and the safe heights of her Cannon Strike/dive kick will help a lot. If your timing and “safe jump” knowledge is right, you can avoid most anti-airs as well.

I see you’re using the Q&A thread already. Feel free to use this thread for your questions too, as the more dedicated SF4 Cammy’s will be there. Just be patient, replies can take a while on the SF4 subforums.


For specific matchups, watching match videos on Youtube will help immensely.


thanks well i just played last night and my game was terrible i experienced 9 loses and 1 win. and from what i observe most of my opponents are crouching then block my only way is to wait them to miss an attack or to throw them. throwing is a high risk move, even doing dive kicks. dive kicks are do-able but if you opponent has anti air then dont jump in surely you will go down.

its sad that spiral arrow and canon spike has the worse recovery frames. i guess to master cammy you really need a BnB combo.


Yeah it’s really sad you have to think while playing and can’t just keep mashing random specials :confused: You should try playing Honda…


You need a bnb to master almost any character in almost any fighting game ever.


Walk forward, block, bait out bad anti-airs with empty jumps, play lame back and make the opponent do something



well yeah that is what i plan to do if i have extra time practice a BnB. right now i just casually play SSF4AE sadly i reached rank C most players are now experience players now.

if you practice some BnBs how many combos do you need to know? do you need one from jump ins, one for couching and one for standing?


Not necessarily, but it’s a start. Also you can learn meterless ones, and those that need EX or meter. Same with combos into your Super and Ultra(s) where applicable. Parts of the character trials usually cover these to some extent.

After that comes the character-specific stuff, as given the differences in size, some combos may work on a certain character, and some may not.

Some Cammy examples: AE 2012 Cammy's optimized combos (Alioune)


That’s really not necessary for a beginner.

A bnb is a series of normals where at least the last one is linked, giving enough time to see whether it hit or not,
so you can decide on whether you want to do something or your most damaging special (which is usually very unsafe on block).

For start, one basic BnB (best after c.LK) is sufficient. After a jumpin, you can still do the very same bnb - that ain’t optimized damage,
but you aren’t looking for that right now anyways, you just need some damage. [c.LK > c.LP > c.MP xx h.Spiral] would be what I’d advise you to learn*.

Learning how to block, how to get in, how to anti air, what is safe at what ranges etc is honestly a lot more important than five bazillion combos.

*I have no fuckin clue about Cammys links but that’s the most useable thing I see on Eventhubs


That what they usually use. Others instead of cr. mp they use cr. lp


Ah, that’s true op (what Vulpes) said. You can go for the simplest bnb’s first and for now concentrates on the fundamentals or “the everything else” (movement, matchup knowledge, proper spacing and poking or footsies as it’s often called, etc).


Ok thank ill do that. By the what does match up mean? Is your chances of against you oppponent? Like cammy and dhalsim = cammy has great advantage because she is a close fighter?


Yes, something like that. Character matchup is how your character does against another specific character.